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  1. Hello, For the Halo profile does this apply to just halo 5 or any halo? Also, what are some of you all settings for the Geo filter in Halo MCC? Do you leave the ping assist alone or have the Fast search option on. Please let me know, Thanks
  2. hello all noob question here, how do you get a stable ping on the the ping graph. Do i need to mess with CC settings or is it just my ISP?
  3. How come when i load the Geo filter page for Halo 5 i do not see the dedicated servers locations like in cod? Also i don't know if this was covered already but i feel that certain servers i play on such as the Texas server doesn't run as smooth as others. I live in Louisiana and when i search focused i get put on that server most of the time. Is their a time zone for certain servers? Also I was playing late one night ,one of my friends lives in Seattle and the other lives in Cali. I wanted to see if i could get placed on the California server so i changed my home location to that location, rebooted my game, turned off strict mode and set my PA to 80. He searched on focus and after about 4 attempts we got that server and those games felt amazing. Then last night around the same time i tried to get on the same server by myself and could not after many attempts. Is there a problem with my Geo filter settings? Should i factory reboot to get those servers to appear on the Geo filter or with my Cloud settings. Any advice on how to fix this would be much appreciated. I also have a picture of the server i was put on. Thanks, Jabb
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    Just Saying Hello i am new to the Forums and i love the Netduma, just seeing if anyone would like to play some Halo 5. Not sure if this is the right place to post a topic like this. Hit me up on xbx Gt:CG Jabb
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