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New User Latancy almost doubled?

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Hello I got a R1 today and set it all up but my connection has a higher latency before I start doing anything with it. 


Firmware R1 debug version 1.03.6j running on rb-951g-2hnd .


Before I got the following (HG635)


DL - 55 Meg

UL - 15 Meg

Latency 15 ms


Now I get (HG612 and R1)


DL - 55 Meg

UL 14 Meg

Latency 28 ms


Previously I had the Talk Talk HG 635 now I have connected the Open Reach HG612 Modem. It all woks fine but the Latency increase isnt what I was expecting or wanting. Is there some reason it could do this?

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I would expect that when you swapped your modem over the DLM has seen this as an error and applied some interleaving to your line. It’s perfectly normal for this to happen and should return to your normal ping after a few days as long as you don’t turn off your modem.

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Some things to check if booting up to factory install


Test with both reactive and preemptive.


Ensure CC sliders 100%


Ensure share excess ticked


Did you let the open reach get to two stable lights before starting duma?


At those speeds untick IPV6 on WAN LAN and Misc settings.


On misc page you probably only need cookies and stealth ticked


Make sure network quiet when testing


where possible only reboot using button on misc setting page


None of this is magic but good practice

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Thanks for tips, for DLM will see in couple of days



Checked reactive and preemptive and both the same. Will give it few days see if it settles down itself, keep forgetting about DLM the old IT turn it off, turn it on again maybe a bad idea!

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If the modem is on an older firmware it will not have G.INP enabled.


Is it a flashed modem? if so it will need the latest FW flashed to it. If it is a standard modem then it "should" be FW updated automatically.


Or it may be non of the above and you do have a G.INP enabled modem and not waiting over 20 minutes before turning back on has been seen as a line error and in 9 days or more you should be put back on fast path.

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yeah as Zennon stated above........remember it will take appox 9 days for you DLM to be lifted and your ping will drop right back down........you should never need to unplug the openreach modem again, and resetting or rebooting only will need to be done if needed on the netduma or any other router connected to the openreach. You can reboot the router as many times as you like without DLM kicking in.

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