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  1. Thats one thing I dont understand DumaOS says I have 15ms connection to server but if it takes all these hops how can it be 15ms? I am in UK and server is in Germany
  2. Yeah thats what I thought, from the trace above does that look ok or the fact it has loads of hops causing me the issue?
  3. Hello I have been having lots of problems with FIFA 20 (as most people do) and EA claim its the ISP routing of the data based on a trace we performed. Talk Talk are now saying to change my router but to my knowledge the router has no impact on the number of Hops the data takes thats Talk Talk isnt it? Example below with my IP address blanked, what I dont also understand is the R1 shows Ping as about 17ms but that cant be real surely if the data is taking this amount of hops to a server in Germany or somewhere not in UK? DumaOS.lan X.X.X.X 2msae50-ner002.loh.as13285.net 2 8msae50-scr102.loh.as13285.net 3 9msix-ae-37-0.thar1.lrt-london.as6453.net 4 10msif-ae-35-2.tcore1.l78-london.as6453.net 5 10msif-ae-17-2.tcore1.ldn-london.as6453.net 6 8ms* Unknown Host * 7 12msae-7.r05.londen12.uk.bb.gin.ntt.net 8 10msae-7.r02.londen03.uk.bb.gin.ntt.net 9 10mscatalyst2.r02.londen03.uk.bb.gin.ntt.net 10 12ms* Unknown Host * 11 28ms* Unknown Host * 12 0ms* Unknown Host * 13 0ms* Unknown Host * 14 0ms* Unknown Host * 15 0ms* Unknown Host * 16 0ms* Unknown Host * 17 0ms* Unknown Host * 18 0ms* Unknown Host * 19 0ms* Unknown Host * 20 0ms
  4. Did they ever get sorted? I havent seen any improvement and its been 5 months and about 2 years since I raised it when I got Net Duma.
  5. I know that as I said I have reported servers over a year ago and still no change, I have never seen any FIFA ones move. I also am not convinced they arent right as some I ping traced and it said US location but ping on DUMA OS says 15 - 17 ms, I think its more the DUMA OS software that doesnt work with the way EA match makes on FIFA
  6. Have done several times no change........... as I said server could actually be in US but EA local server ping in UK before redirection maybe cause of fooling Duma OS. Don't just relocate on server ping maybe need to actually locate it for it to work right.
  7. Does that look normal for end point, 17ms to US from South East UK? I have 50 download and 15 upload.
  8. I posted them in March and posted a load last year as well
  9. Yeah well I have reported EA servers for last 3 years and they have never changed or been updated (check my old threads). That exact thread you mentioned I posted a load of locations and nothing has changed. I have no idea where they should be or how to tell where they should be but all I am told is 15ms ping from UK to America isnt realistic and I tend to agree. It might not even be true as I suspect its more the Duma OS doesnt have the capability to handle FIFA properly and gets confused by local server ping so reports that but actual game server you get bounced too is in US and around 100ms. Support for FIFA has been none existent which is shame and odd as the community is massive and the biggest complaint is server connection but as the Duma OS doesnt help its missed opportunity IMO if it is possible to fix it as FIFA community spend billions on FIFA as a whole and they all want good gameplay.
  10. I've been using NET Duma on FIFA for about 3 years (Xbox) and it is the same. The whole community is sick of EA servers as they seem to slow down during peak times. The Net Duma doesnt work with FIFA as it seems to locally ping a server which the Duma see's but then connect you to one in America anyway and say its 15ms ping. No idea why or how but bottom line from my long experience is Duma doesnt help with FIFA at all unfortunately. In three years the server locations havent been updated or if they have then something is wrong with the way the software reads it. I ping traced a server and it was in America but Duma says I have 15ms connection to it, I doubt that.
  11. Thanks I have dropped the ping search criteria any trying to use location and the performance is much better, I think EA must use a local server to connect to game server or something like that. So location on the secondary server is more critical. I think the connection to initial server is what your ping assist reads. I could be wrong but game performance miles better like this. So the ping values I sent I wouldnt use just the server ID. It could be the servers are in right place and are in America but come up with a low ping as it pings UK server first?
  12. Any news on FIFA server locations? I gave a load on the form but none have been updated
  13. Submitted 10 I can submit more FIFA servers once these are moved as all are wrong for dedicated FIFA servers
  14. I dont mind making a list and helping as I really want Duma to work for FIFA but one server ID per form isnt gonna happen as FIFA has hundreds (if not more) it will take hours and hours. Out of interest how do you locate them? Do you have capability to locate them? My concern from the form is you are asking me where I live then ping speed and where I think the server is. It looks like from this you guess location? Is the server ID not enough then you trace it and you tell me as the customer where it is? For me any Ping under 20ms on FIFA shows America ( I am UK), there are couple that show in Europe as a Amazon Server which is usually 30+ms. All the low ping however show as America West to Middle .
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