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Beginner problems

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New to the forum and the R1 so was hoping someone could help resolve a few issues


Congestion control:


*When setting my bandwidth do i enter my expected speeds (upload 10-16mb) (download 48-64mb) or my actual speeds which are (upload 7mb) (download 42mb)


*What are the best setting in regards to device prioritisation and download/upload cap, as i currently live alone so there is no issue with other devices getting used while gaming


*Should i use hyper traffic?


*Algorithm, should i use preemptive or reactive with my speeds?


Any help would greatly appreaciated

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Welcome to the forums and the more you get comfortable with your new toy the more you'll learn about it and the more you can tweak the settings to get the best results possible on your network as everyone's is different.


But definitely stay with the recommended settings until you learn more about it and then tweak away and congratulations on your purchase you won't be disappointed.


And setting it up correctly is the key, if you have any more questions or issues post back and we'll get you sorted out.

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