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  1. pingplotter results https://imgur.com/a/0W3WNQE
  2. As of the last couple of month i've been working away quite a bit, 5,6,7 days at a time on a few different occasions. On getting back i've been playing online again and the game play on games such as fifa, fortnite, rocket league and battlefield has felt so much smoother, quicker and more responsive. But after a couple of days of playing it goes back to normal, sluggish game play, slow and less responsive. Use to just think it was server issues but this has happened 3x in a row and have arrived back home on different days of the week and each time, fine for a couple of days then drops off. Been told BT don't throttle connections and haven't seen any drops in speed, just seems the more i use the poorer it is, sluggish game play being the main issue. Interested to see if anybody has any ideas to where the problem may lie? xbox one x gaming monitor - 1ms BT Infinity 2 wired Upload - 10 Download - 44 Latency on xbox - 20 Netuma R1 ping test - 14ms Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  3. just run pingplotter, https://imgur.com/hKSjgFq Not really sure what to be looking for if im honest, is it good, average or poor?
  4. unsure on this will have to check, thanks
  5. yes but it was quite a while ago and unsure if i did it correctly. When using pingplotter to check my line for jitter what should you put in for, "target name/ip" "interval" "focus" Thanks
  6. Ok thanks, i also have a openeach modem which didn't seem to make a difference but if its okay for you then i guess the modem isnt a problem. Just heard a few people say there are some modems that are not compatible with the R1
  7. a delay as you mentioned between pressing a button and reaction time, i have a BenQ zowie 1ms monitor and use a wired controller. Literally have run out of ideas as to what the problem could be?
  8. I'm currently experiencing really bad delay on xbox one x on games such as fifa 18, cod ww2, rocket league etc. I,ve had this for a while now and after exploring all other avenues on here, Correct cables R1 best setup Spoke to ISP Used pingplotter and dsl reports Tried other routers I'm now wondering could my modem be the problem? I currently have a Draytek Vigor 130 modem with the R1. I have BT infinity 2 fibre 42 down 9 up Could anyone recommend a modem for this setup, any help greatly appreaciated! Thanks
  9. Hey thanks for the welcome and the advice, will test it out
  10. Hey, New to the forum and the R1 so was hoping someone could help resolve a few issues Congestion control: *When setting my bandwidth do i enter my expected speeds (upload 10-16mb) (download 48-64mb) or my actual speeds which are (upload 7mb) (download 42mb) *What are the best setting in regards to device prioritisation and download/upload cap, as i currently live alone so there is no issue with other devices getting used while gaming *Should i use hyper traffic? *Algorithm, should i use preemptive or reactive with my speeds? Any help would greatly appreaciated
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