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Low internet speed Ver2

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See previous thread for indepth information.



I'm back! Unfortunately..

I just received the replacement R1 today after the previous incident.


Unfortunately the problem is still happening, this time I even hauled out my older PC out from storage, in order to test whether or not it somehow, for some obscure reason, had anything to do with my current PC.


That was fortunately(?) not the case, as the problem still occurred with the older PC.


So the only solution seems to have something to do with the R1 or the software it seems to be running on.


Ultimately, I would like to request a refund for the R1, and I'll try to keep taps with the current general support thread, as it looks like The_Dead_Pool and possibly others seem to be having the same issues.


Best case scenario is the problem will be solved and I'll just order a new one with the refund after it has been solved.


Thanks a lot to Fraser for taking his time to do a 1 on 1. Unfortunately the only solution we came up with was a dud.


I'll be assuming I should just link this thread, along with the previous one to [email protected] in order to get the refund?

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Can we do another 1 on 1 please. It doesn't make sense that you would get 2 faulty R1's when other people can use it fine. I'll focus on upstream this time and see if there is anything blocking the R1. Let me know dates/times you'd be available.

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Uhm, sure we can do another try, I'll be available from 1PM BST / 2PM GMT+1 up to around 8PM evening GMT+1 Tomorrow and Friday.

Lets hope we can figure it out then!


How about 3pm BST today? 


I think maybe try to isolate what the 3 or 4 people who are having the issue have in common. That would probably be the best route to isolate the issue.



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