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  1. Sounds good to me, I'll PM you the teamviewer details around then.
  2. Uhm, sure we can do another try, I'll be available from 1PM BST / 2PM GMT+1 up to around 8PM evening GMT+1 Tomorrow and Friday. Lets hope we can figure it out then!
  3. See previous thread for indepth information. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/21721-borderline-nonexistent-internet-speed/ I'm back! Unfortunately.. I just received the replacement R1 today after the previous incident. Unfortunately the problem is still happening, this time I even hauled out my older PC out from storage, in order to test whether or not it somehow, for some obscure reason, had anything to do with my current PC. That was fortunately(?) not the case, as the problem still occurred with the older PC. So the only solution seems to have something to do with the R1 or the software it seems to be running on. Ultimately, I would like to request a refund for the R1, and I'll try to keep taps with the current general support thread, as it looks like The_Dead_Pool and possibly others seem to be having the same issues. Best case scenario is the problem will be solved and I'll just order a new one with the refund after it has been solved. Thanks a lot to Fraser for taking his time to do a 1 on 1. Unfortunately the only solution we came up with was a dud. I'll be assuming I should just link this thread, along with the previous one to [email protected] in order to get the refund?
  4. Done! And thanks for your help, it was unfortunate that we couldn't resolve it nice and easily, but whatever. Shit happens. Thanks a lot and have a great day!
  5. Next week I will be available all of monday, as for tuesday to friday, I will be available from 5pm GMT+1 till 10pm.
  6. Should a make a request in the 1 on 1 forums? Considering we haven't scheduled a time for the 1 on 1 that is! If not, then I will just let you know what times I'm available. Aside from during the weekend, I wont be available until the next week. I will post more when I know my full work schedule for next week. But I should generally always be available from 5PM GMT+1 on workdays.
  7. A small update on the things I've been fiddling with. WIth the R1 router my steam downloads, despite the Speedtest download rate being more or less the same as my previous router. The download speed never seemed exceed an average of 1.8MB/S Whereas with my previous router I am now averaging 9.1 MB/S I'm assuming this should be taken with a grain of salt, as it's on the steam server side, but I'll throw the information your way anyways, as more information is always better than less! Also did a speedtest with my old router again, it came out as it usually did with Download 79.41Mbps and Upload 77.22Mbps EDIT: Almost forgot to mention this, I tried wiring the setup a bit differently. Modem -> NetdumaR1 -> Router -> Wired PC The speedtest / Download speed on steam results didn't change, and was the exact same as if I had just connected the NetdumaR1 -> Wired PC
  8. So I reset my router to factory settings, and followed the Optimal Settings Guide you wrote, aside from the NAT section, as I'm not feeling the need to use NAT yet, and I also couldn't find the so called "Blue button" Just tested out all four ports on the R1, and my download speed seems to be just fine at the moment! All the ports seemed to average around the 75~80ish Mbps like with my previous router. However the Upload is barely existent going about 0.10 if it decides to go at all, this was the case for all four ports on it as well. EDIT: Current speedtest is ongoing, back on Port1 going at 0.01
  9. Nope. I have pretty much just done as the pamphlet described I should do, and from there on I just tried various methods described in the other threads. To be blunt, I don't know what most of the things you described are, which is why I decided not to touch them.
  10. Excuse me if this has already been somewhat resolved already, but I have been fiddling around with the NetdumaR1 and going through the forums and Wiki for about 3 hours now, and has finally decided to ask for professional help instead. My issue is that I can't seem to get a proper internet signal going through my just today received NetdumaR1 router. As in, my download speed is obscenely low (With fiddling around I reached a max of 1mbs) and my upload speed is nonexistent. Explaining my usage of nonexistent, when I do a speedtest my ping works fine, my internet reaches approximately 40mbs but when it reaches the upload stage, it halts at 0.00 sometimes reaching 0.04 but not much further. My previous router, and what I pay my ISP for did as it should, and gave me a 75-80/75-80 download/upload. My current firmware version is 1.03.6h My setup is Modem -> NetdumaR1 -> Wired PC -> Wireless Phone + Nintendo Switch I have tried various cables, so it doesn't seem like the problem is tethered to any of those. And going through the recent Low Upload Speed threads, and trying to recreate the advice on those didn't seem to help. It seems like a very peculiar issue, as I haven't seen anyone mention it in other threads to this extent. I'll eagerly wait for your reply! Thanks for you time in advance.
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