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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I recently started having issues with my xr500, where the Eth1-Eth4 lights went from white, to orange. I noticed when they turn orange, they stay orange until I turn the router off/on. When the light is orange I notice I get really slow download speeds. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed, I tried looking prior to making this thread.
  2. I am currently downloading season 2 of warzone for COD and it is only downloading at like 6MB/s. I am confused on why this download speed is so low because when I test my internet I get 230MBp/s. Is there anyway I can get the download speed higher?
  3. I've had the Netduma R2 for a while now but I feel like I'm not getting the speeds I should be getting. Can I please have some help?
  4. I recently purchased the Netduma R2 router and I only have it connected to my PC and PS4 but I can't play any online games on my PS4 when I am connected to the WiFi and when I play games on my PC they are laging more. The internet also occasionally drops every now and then. Can someone help with this?
  5. Hi!. I have an strange problem with my XR300. I will try to tell as simple as i can. I have an 600/600 simetrical speed ftth conection that worked fine and gets me a speed between 450-600. It was pretty stable before and usually i get over 600/600, but with the increased use after COVID problems, thats all i get. I always talk about wired connection. I´ve tried with the next steps. 1) I changed the ISP router and plug the XR300 to the ONT. As the wizard dont works i configure the conection manually, with user and pass and create the vlan for the inernet connection and i get access to the internet. All seems to work fine, but then i launch a speed test and it get below 100/100 speeds. 2) I realize many tests to locate the problem(net card of the pc, a switch tests, changue the wires), and finaly i test the pc directly to the XR300, but with the same result. I test to replace the router with the older one, and i get the high speeds again. From this point i consider the pc, ont, and wires work fine. All the next have been done over a direct connection with the same working wires (cat 5e) that have been used in test with the older router. 3) I disabled the QoS and get the antiblufferboat on never, but nothing happens. Also i set the prope bandwidth, to 600/600 because it dont semms to autodetect. 4) I tried to use the MAC of the old router intead the default one, but nothing. 5) I have set the vlan settings like the older router (id 6 and priority to 1). 6) I´ve tested the LAN port works in 1000M in the statistics of the XR300 and as i said before, in the pc. 7) A speedtest by the nighthawk app shows a better speed in router but keeps getting bad ones on the pc. 😎 I tried to reset and set all again with the same results. 9) The difference between the older router and the new are manifest in the screenshot (same server and ping) I dont know what else try or if its better return the product to amazon. Anyone can help?. Thanks!!.
  6. The images i provided are the results from the tests i ran in order to narrow the issue down to the router. Test 1: Description: Speedtest with my pc plugged directly into my modem Result: Close to expected speeds Test 2: Description: Router speedtest after running setup wizard Result: Close to expected speeds Test 3: Description: Speedtest with my pc plugged into my router w/ QOS enabled Result: 10% of expected speed Test 4: Description: Speedtest with my pc plugged into my router w/ QOS disabled Result: 10% of expected speed Any idea on what might be causing such slow speeds?
  7. See previous thread for indepth information. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/21721-borderline-nonexistent-internet-speed/ I'm back! Unfortunately.. I just received the replacement R1 today after the previous incident. Unfortunately the problem is still happening, this time I even hauled out my older PC out from storage, in order to test whether or not it somehow, for some obscure reason, had anything to do with my current PC. That was fortunately(?) not the case, as the problem still occurred with the older PC. So the only solution seems to have something to do with the R1 or the software it seems to be running on. Ultimately, I would like to request a refund for the R1, and I'll try to keep taps with the current general support thread, as it looks like The_Dead_Pool and possibly others seem to be having the same issues. Best case scenario is the problem will be solved and I'll just order a new one with the refund after it has been solved. Thanks a lot to Fraser for taking his time to do a 1 on 1. Unfortunately the only solution we came up with was a dud. I'll be assuming I should just link this thread, along with the previous one to [email protected] in order to get the refund?
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