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Had my Netduma R1 now for 3 days and i've come across a rather serious issue. 


The Upload speed is not up to par. 


I first saw the issue on my PC where the upload speed was at an ridiculous low 3 Mbit/s, But the Download speed was at its normal rate 100 Mbit/s. 

At first i thought it was an issue with my ISP but they could not find any problems. 

I then had a trusted friend suggest that i needed to change the DNS settings on my PC.

That i did and it worked, The upload speed is now even 100/100.


But its story for my consoles.

I tried changing the DNS settings on there too but no luck.

The Upload speed is pretty much locked at 3 Mbit/s.

Now, I know the speed test on the consoles may be inaccurate but to this extent? 


I've played around with various settings in the Congestion Controls, even the in the Miscellaneous Settings. Tried different setup tutorials but no luck.

I'm now resorting to contacting you guys for further help as i cant seem to find a fix.


Thank you. 

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If you talking about the DNS settings then 




I think he's referring to your congestion control settings.


Those DNS settings when changing "Automatic DNS" to (Disabled) does not save upon clicking apply after inserting Primary and Secondary. 


Make sure you're using Google Chrome to access the interface and apply settings - it's our recommended browser.

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