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Your 5ghz Wifi Access Point/Routers?

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Hey All,


I love my Netduma, but want to use 5ghz wifi in my house.


I'm looking to do: ISP >>> Netduma >>> 5 ghz Router/AP


So I can provide 5ghz wifi to everyone who wants it, but control it as well. 


My ISP provides a router, but it's filled with proprietary garbage that just makes it difficult to jive with my Netduma in this way (tuning it is a nightmare, and often causes breakdown). As such, I'm looking for some opinions on reasonably inexpensive, but good products that you guys use. Doesn't need to be anything special, just 5ghz wifi that's easy to use with the Netduma in the way described above.


Any help is greatly appreciated; thanks in advance.



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