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  1. Cool. Thanks for your attention and help as always Fraser. Ed
  2. Once a I get on the dedi through a peer, the game fully populates. On strict mode with the dedi within my radius I get an empty hq. I’ll click on hq in the menu, the loading screen churns forever till I get into an empty hq. If I uncheck strict, it’ll immediately place me into a populated hq. For some reason it just seems that having a server in the radius actually it or something?
  3. Type 2 on the console, open in game. Never had nat issues indicated.
  4. Fraser, it appears you were right. when the server isn't inside me geo radius it appears. And the second screenie is for Jack, when the server appears after i connect through a peer. But I still can't get a populated lobby through that server. I hafta go unstrict, or place my radius over another server.
  5. Ok. After work I’ll retry it without being over that server. I’ll screenshot it and the one Jack asked for. Ed
  6. hera ya go. you can see all the other dedis except the la one i'm hovered over. this screenshot was after following your direction.
  7. can you check if this server is located properly in the cloud? it's a socal/la server but it never appears inside my radius unless i get a peer connection who's on that server. also i can't get a populated hq with only that dedi in my radius. 4b6c592409ea383d ed
  8. New stuff is always good. Just hafta find a reason the wife will believe. Or bribery works huh lol
  9. I killed the game, logged back in with my radius covering the country. only dedi to appear when going into hq was the same one: b52dd09bca54484d it looks that anything inside my radius doesn't show up, other than the one when going to hq. but they do start to appear when in a game lobby.
  10. so did as instructed. when going to hq, only the distant dedi outside of my radius appears and i enter a lonely hq. i guess i will have to turn off strict mode to get to a populated hq.
  11. Nope nope nope! I had/have strict mode on. But...I’m not actually playing on the same server. It’s just the only server that appears on my gf. And to get into a populated hq, I have to include that one appearing server in the radar circle.
  12. I had strict mode unticked? I feel like a rookie!!
  13. I used an sb 6183 with the R1 and it was crap. Not sure if it has the puma chipset but things got better when I switched to Netgear cm600.
  14. And the only time I can get a populated hq is if I make my radius larger.
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