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  1. Did a Factory Reset of Netduma, plugged everything back in and restarted my PC. Everything is up and running. Obviously it must have been some non-default change I made, however long ago, causing the issue. Regardless, I'm up and running again. I appreciate the info - your feedback helped me narrow a number of questions down to the eventual solution. As always, thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks Fraser. I don't know what to tell you then, unfortunately. I can only see the netduma interface in a very specific setup which doesn't allow the internet to work in anyway.
  3. Hi Fraser, I see something that I assume to be the Netduma (unnamed device), with IP Does that mean anything to you? Thanks.
  4. Hi Jack/Sir_smooch, Thanks for the advice; I did some testing today. The modem / router does have an interface, but it is not accessible while the Netduma is plugged in. Further, I can’t make it a modem only, as it has wifi connections to the proprietary Cable boxes. I have DHCP, not PPPoE, so I don't think that's the problem. All that said, If I remove the NetDuma from the equation, and set my NAT settings to "RoutedWithoutNAT" on the modem / router interface; and then add the NetDuma back, I can get to the NetDuma dashboard (but not the modem / router dashboard). However, I can't access anything beyond that (no wifi, no hardwired internet). I've removed the switch, so the setup is Modem / Router >>> Netduma >>> PC. And still no internet. I've tested everything with and without the switch, no difference. I've attached ipconfig of setup: Modem / Router >>> Netduma >>> PC. http://forum.netduma.com/uploads/images/1526594745-U2085.png Hope this is enough, let me know if you need anything else, and appreciate the help.
  5. Hi Guys, My wife wanted to go back to watching live TV, so our ISP dropped off a new Modem/Router combo. It sends wifi to our TV boxes. Both the modem/router and wifi boxes are proprietary tech, and only work with each other. Although annoying, and not how I'd like the setup, I have little choice. So, even though I can't control the TV portion of our bandwidth, I wanted to control everything else, as well as have access to the ND dashboard. I figured I could simply do this: Modem/Router >>> Ethernet to Netduma >>> Ethernet to Switch >>> Ethernet to PC and PS4. I expected to get this warning: http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=wan_access However, the Netduma seemingly just doesn't work in this setup. My PC (and PS4) can't connect to the internet (No network). I can see the Netduma wifi, but it actually doesn't work. I also can't access the Netduma dashboard to troubleshoot. I confirmed the switch is not the issue - everything works when the Netduma is not part of the chain. Any help? Thanks very much, Sn0
  6. Hey Guys, As the title suggests, I am unable to have my friends join my chat parties or in-game on CoD WW2 when any of the more strict (non-geo filter, ping only, e.g. "CoD Ultimate") profiles are selected. I am able to loosen the settings, have them join, and then re-add the profile successfully, but to do this every time, any any time someone new jumps on, is annoying to say the least. WW2 is soooo bad without these profiles, but so good when they're used! I've tried this - http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=adding_friends_to_your_allow_list ... but can't actually see the so-called "Big Circle" that is supposedly my friend. Instead, even in private matches it still seems to ping to multiple hosts, many of which could be "big circles". Can anyone give me a CoD WW2 specific answer to this issue? I'm hopeful this will solve my party chat issue at the same time. Thanks very much, Sn0
  7. This sounds like the problem I had. I agree with Fraser - check out this thread for more info. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23077-netduma-beeps-and-constantly-shuts-down/?do=findComment&comment=166752 Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for your suggestions. I found an old 12v adapter lying around with a high enough amperage to cover it and everything is working fine again. Really appreciate the help, and wanted to say that this is resolved. Thanks again!
  9. It wouldn't be an overheating issue - it's in the basement in a Canadian winter. So perhaps a faulty power adapter. Are there any replacements that work that I can get off Amazon, or anything like that?
  10. Hi Guys, I'm a huge Netduma fan and have no/few issues over the 2.5 or so years I've owned it. However, two days ago it started beeping and then shutting itself down. I assume the beeping is it connecting to the internet, then losing connection as it shuts off, then restarting, etc. I'm in Canada and have been using the adapter successfully all this time, no issues. still have the adapter, plugged in normally. Nothing obvious has changed and all connections seem to be good. Any ideas? I'm back to using my provider's router and it's buffer bloat is like 500ms, and it's killing me. Cheers, Trevor
  11. Hey All, I love my Netduma, but want to use 5ghz wifi in my house. I'm looking to do: ISP >>> Netduma >>> 5 ghz Router/AP So I can provide 5ghz wifi to everyone who wants it, but control it as well. My ISP provides a router, but it's filled with proprietary garbage that just makes it difficult to jive with my Netduma in this way (tuning it is a nightmare, and often causes breakdown). As such, I'm looking for some opinions on reasonably inexpensive, but good products that you guys use. Doesn't need to be anything special, just 5ghz wifi that's easy to use with the Netduma in the way described above. Any help is greatly appreciated; thanks in advance. Sn0
  12. Hey Guys, replying to this again - I'm on 1.03.3 and would like to upgrade. Can I get some info? Cheers, Sn0
  13. I think this sums it up succinctly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Iverson#Early_playoff_exits_and_Larry_Brown.27s_departure_.282001.E2.80.932003.29 TL;DR: Allen Iverson was criticized by his coach for missing practices. Goes on hilarious rant about practice where he uses the word 14 times.
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