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A little perspective.


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A little perspective,
 I am as guilty as the next person for getting a bit too hot under the collar at times with games, and lag and internet hard men and trolls etc, but over the last few days I have got a grip and things have come sharply into focus and perspective for me.
I have not been as active as I have not really had the heart to play much after hearing a very good friend, drinking partner and general partner in crime had a fall the other day.
He fractured his skull on a curb and is currently residing in ICU in a coma. He hadn't even been drinking.
I have spent hours talking to him and at times I feel he can hear me but I am not sure.
So I would ask for anybody reading this that before we go off on a rant, falling out over our own opinions and beliefs that we all just take a deep breath and realise how totally unimportant it all is in the big scheme of things.
We play games for fun, when it stops being fun stop, just like gambling. Play a different game or get some fresh air, maybe visit a friend.
I hope to be back being my usual cantankerous grumpy self next week so stand by your beds.
Peace out yall and shoot a couple of noobs for me, ill be back for breakfast.

Peace out yall, Bagsta69

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Hoping your friend gets well soon! Stay strong! That's really fucked. The health and love of the people is absolute most important and is nr1. I know because i survived cancer.

The rant and falling out, I believe isn't personal but comes with commercial business that is sold with some expectations from the buyer and words from the seller. Money is a bitch....


I light a candle and i hope everything will be allright in the future.




Grtz Dennis

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That sucks bags,wish your friend a speedy recovery and also keep doing what your doing visiting him and talking to him.I am a firm believer in the fact that people in comas can hear the people that talk to them as I've been in that situation and could hear and was aware of people in and out of my room.The voices weren't clear and I couldn't identify who was who but could definitely here people talking to me.I guess the best way I can describe it for me was like being in a dream in the third person that you can't wake up from.I don't know if you understand what I'm saying but that's how it played out for me,and I was in that coma for 23 days.


So again keep talking to your friend as I believe it does help,both of you.All the best to you bags

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