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Parents feedback wanted

Guest Netduma_Iain

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Hello parents!


Developing gaming features came to natural to us as we're long term competitive gamers ourselves. We have a really powerful network engine which we think could help parents but we don't want to invent problems to solve we want to actually make useful features.


With that in mind, I don't want a technical explanation don't worry about HOW it will be made. I'm just interested in the sort of stuff you would be interested in. For example these are some ideas off the top of my head to get the ball rolling:

  • Have very fine control over what a child can see, for e.g. you can block skype, torrents, whatsapp, specific games instead of just blocking the entire device
  • You could decide when blocking is applied based on a schedule or some sort of reward system. So for example if they achieve there homework or whatever it rewards them so many hours of gaming. The router can track every min so they can choose when they want to play. 
  • You could block every website except for a few trusted ones. Such as educational ones. And the same reward/scheduling system could be applied

These are all filtering suggestion, I'm literally open to anything. Please don't think any suggestion is stupid. I welcome any feedback.


Thanks for your time

-ND team 

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Following on from this thread:



Here is a representation of the scheduling facility in our current router:



 - Rule Name and Mac Address are self explanatory.

 - Time control determines whether or not the week days and times are active. In the case of row (a) although times were entered, they are not shown at the moment as they have been disabled, so the rule will apply 24/7 instead.

- Monday to Sunday selects the week days on which the rule applies. In row (d) for example, the rule applies Monday to Friday inclusive (Ys) but not Saturday or Sunday (Ns), while row (e) determines timings for the weekends.

- Time shows the hours during which the rule is in effect.

- Status: Disabled = the entire rule is disabled. Reject = Access is blocked during the times entered. Accept = Access is allowed during the times entered. Disabling a rule is a good way to temporarily switch it off without deleting it. In this case, we could tempoarily disable some or all of the rules during the school holidays, for example.

- Priority: A useful feature. Higher priority rules take precedence over lower ones, so for example row ( c) allows the Phone access 24/7 while row (h) blocks the phone 24/7, Rule ( c) wins as it has the higher priority. This is a useful feature for generating 'sub-groups' of rules if required.


While these schedules can take a little while to set up initially, once in place we've found that they make life much easier. :)



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Iain good points to start and as Buck said you've got the main ones.


But it's that granularity to be able to control single devices which will open up this whole sphere. It could even expand upon the congestion control to be able to limit devices on an upload / downloand etc.


For example my work PC will sit connected to my head office servers almost 24/7. At times it can start to download huge system updates from our Central server which will start messing up connection for other things. The work stuff isn't time critical so that update could take a week to come down (not core to my job but I have to get all updates regardless or petinent to job) so I'd prefer to limit that device but can't do that without disabling share excess which I want on for other devices apart from that machine.


So I could for example then only allocate 3mbs down to the kids WD TV box so that Netflix comes in at a lower quality as a cartoon looks the same from SD to HD etc etc.


Appreciate the above is not strictly related to parental controls but it comes back to the granularity over single devices which allows so many cool things to be looked into.

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Thanks DB, I particularly like the priority idea it is indeed very neat.


Buds I'm with you 100%, thats the beauty of our engine we have classification & functionality separated. So its quite easy to combine different features in the way you spoke off :)


Happy Easter everyone!

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So the ipad has 1 hour of use in a day , so maybe 10 mins here 20 mins there , until it hits the hour then blocks is my understanding Gamerguy?


I am quite surprised nobodys asked for a adult site filter , drugs, sex, inappropriate things.

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Guest Netduma_Iain

cheers for clearing up Zennon, yes a very good idea indeed! Keep suggestions coming please everyone.


Are you interested in knowing what they have done. So you could say what were they doing between 5-8 on Thu. It could say:

30mins on Facebook

1 hour on xbox live


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i dont really care much about filters as much as scheduling. the countdown timer is genius, never thought of that... but i do need scheduling so they CANT play at certain times as well. typical routers you have to make so many rules for odd schedules, it would be nice with the netduma style GUI to simply have a device with a 24 hour box set over the 7 days of the week, maybe in 30min intervals that can be checked/unchecked to allow/deny use. so i could have 8am-12pm, 4pm-6pm, 8pm-8:30pm all checked for a device without having to create 3 separate rules.


just saw the 'knowing what they have done' above... yes please ;) can we get their messaging content as well?


but, parental controls is my #1 needed feature on this router... or my wife will have my ass. with 2 gaming addicted kids, without the ability to blame the routers schedule, i hear far too much fussing.

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