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I am sooooo Dumb! lol.


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So I have been playing Advanced Warfare since release (nearly prestige8) and play mostly TDM and a bit of Domination both core.

So 5 months in and I change my load outs perks etc for different ones depending on what game mode I am playing.

Last night for the first time I noticed the L1-R1 indicator above the create a class slot!!!

Yup, you guessed it Numb Nuts here thought there was only 5 load out slots not 10 (before having to purchase the extra)



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Yeah its much easier with ten slots lol


A friend I game with on a regular basis found it quite amusing mentioning my age etc, he launched a grenade across the map recovery and got shot straight after, the game spawned him back in right on top of his own grenade and blew himself up. Oh how I laughed.

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you think that's dumb


i only realised if you pick up an enemy weapon you still keep yours aswell a couple of weeks ago lol



Very funny ! I do shit line that all the time


I was watching the CoD Champs stream this weekend and even the pros still switch to knife, then pick up a gun off the ground, then cycle back to their original gun.  I think everyone does that "in the heat of battle"  LOL


You know, we can probably change the name of the thread to something like:  "Things I didn't know, that everyone else apparently did" and get some funny stories.


For me:  

  • It took me most of my very first Master Prestige (Like 7th or 8th Prestige) run to figure out I should tailor my score streaks to the damn map I was playing at the time.  :rolleyes:
  • Having an anti-air class (keeps you off the radar, gives you gear to knock out aerial things like UAV and choppers, and keeps you from getting killed by non-piloted scorestreaks like that damn hunter killer) is a must for every new game
  • Quickdraw, Quickdraw, Quickdraw, Quickdraw
    • stock on ARs
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