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[BO3] who's giving the true ?!


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Netduma Ping graph



In game ping



4bars connection






-usually , the netduma  show me a ping of 27ms on average on this server  (yes i always play on this dedi   :) )  

- this game was smooth ...no lag , no retard, just the hit detection  was not the best i had


yesterday i've reached 900ms (rated by the R1) on some parties ,and it was still playable. Everybody know that it is impossible to play with such ping level... this is the reason of my question :P

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I've tested it myself and the netduma ping is always accurate.


i wouldnt say always accurate as ive had loads of games where there were huge spikes that you could tell were there while playing but the duma shows a flat line  but in game ping shows fluctuations

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personally i think the in game ping is just smoke and mirrors... but in the past i 've already been put in a 200 ms party ( always rated by the netduma) and it was unplayable, and for the whole lobby.


So now, especially since the DLC release  ( i don't see any link), i don't understand how i can play on this kind of game .

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The game is extremely inaccurate , although it's not exactly encouraged , running a simple packet sniffer through your old router , finding the host IP and pinging it will show the true ping.
The netduma simply measures the ping between the client and host , while the in-game ping represents packet delay , packet send and receive time.

That means you send packets > game receives packets and checks to make sure they're legit > game sends packets to all clients
The tickrate in blackops 3 is atrocious and causes inaccurate ping readings within the game.


Hopefully this clears things up a bit.



Don't trust in-game ping.

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I have had great games on high ping servers and terrible games on servers that are actually 82 miles from my house,it's a crapshoot at best trying to figure out what and why they game plays good or bad.


But that is some high ping gaming but if your getting good game play,I say roll with it.

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its playing really laggy right now but duma showing a smooth sub 30ms ping but bo3 is showing all pver the place


Could indicate overloads etc on their own server that we have no way to detect. Plus it's double XP this weekend.

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I haven't noticed it with the new update but on 1.3.5. I would see ping spikes in the game ping meter, then on the duma it would be normal.


Eitherway if you see a spike on the duma or in the game menu then there is a spike.


Someone is either lag switching or the players in that server are further away and when you encounter them the ping spikes.



Like this:


You are "A" with 30ms and there is B with 90ms and then there is C with 160ms.


A+B= you will get a 30-60ms spike.

A+C= you will get a 100-130ms spike.

A+B+C= you will get a 60-130ms spike


Look at how it fluctuates ^^^^


The server is trying to balance the distance with delay, which is why the Kansas server is the most used in the US.

people on the east and west coast ping the Kansas server pretty much the same.


A is in california and B is in new york and both ping 35ms to kansas.

A+B= 35ms with little to no spikes.


Now just factor in any server issues or lag switching and now you know why you see what you see.

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i think it's a netduma issue ....




in this exemple , ping '(near NETDUMA title) is correct but graph is crazy... 


occurs after several time . in addition the control panel became very slow at this moment..i have to close/reopen the browser page (refresh doesn't help) 

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