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  1. still having same problems also , just happened twice in about 20 minutes
  2. will try these thanks fyi its not just wifi for me as my xbox and pc are ethernet connected and it loses all connection to the duma and cant get on dashboard
  3. my duma is losing connection atleast once per day requiring manual reboot cause i cant even access the dashboard anyone else having similar problems? also a suggestion for version 3 of the duma would be to have an off switch on the device itself
  4. None, did a quick initial set up and left it at that, haven't had time to play around with it tbh
  5. when i run connection test i get 25 down and 6 up which is also down from 35 down, when i do speedtest on ookla im getting 2 down whats going on?
  6. when i first set it up the wifi speed was basically the same as the ethernet speeds but now its incredibly slow and im getting about 5mb within about 2 meters of the r2 down to 1 or none in other parts of the house and regarding ping my ping under load is 200ms for the upload is there anything i can do to fix this?
  7. just had similar problem, it took a good few minutes to connect to dashboard
  8. So UK customers should definitely get theirs on 7th then??
  9. that was xbox not pc but its same on pc my ping used to be very stable in this game at my last address with better internet (the box was outside ) , i have thought that maybe its the servers that are the problem but then some people still get great ping on the uk servers
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