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  1. So UK customers should definitely get theirs on 7th then??
  2. that was xbox not pc but its same on pc my ping used to be very stable in this game at my last address with better internet (the box was outside ) , i have thought that maybe its the servers that are the problem but then some people still get great ping on the uk servers
  3. doesnt matter how much bandwidth you have because your devices will always try to use it all, netduma has a video about it on youtube
  4. Do you guys actually get 1gb speeds ? 💇‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️ ignore emojis it was accident and now can't delete them
  5. This is from yesterday, only jumps to about 115 in this game but I'm many games it's much higher
  6. The R1 WiFi doesnt reach all around my house so I'm very interested in the R2 for the extra range but am I able to return it if there's no change in WiFi range ???
  7. OK seems to be some improvements ping spikes on xbox and pc are now mostly still under 100ms but occasionally 200+ms on the geo filter the ping is solid 46 for xbox and 38 for pc and i know that the duma ping is supposed to be more accurate but i play the game i feel lag i press the back button and it brings up the ping and the spikes match up with what im seeing in game and not the other way around like some sort of placebo ive tried to play with the ping on screen but it brings up the score board too and takes up 3rd of the screen lol also its really difficult to try and track things on duma while playing cause ive got 1 monitor and i use it for pc and xbox so i set up my old laptop to view it
  8. I'm in the UK South Wales and I connect to the UK server London I think it is Ye will try record little clip later Well if I can get this ping issue sorted I might order the R2 but don't want to order it if it can't fix it
  9. Yes closest server, even if I'm the only one using the internet it's still same and yes I've set up QoS Also the WiFi still disconnecting
  10. Pinging 8.8 .8.8 gives 25-35ms all the time but the tf2 in game ping shows 45-250 and makes playing a nightmare
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