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Found 34 results

  1. Hola buenas soy nuevo en este foro y necesitaria ayuda, tengo un R1 y en el geofiltro cuando busco en dispositivos mi pc, aparece bien, lo aplico, pero el problema es que solo me sale xbox, ps4,scgo ect, warzone no aparece, alguien podria ayudarme?? la version 3.0 parq el R1 funciona??
  2. How do I properly setup traffic prioritization on the XR1000 for CW PC? I dont want to use the " games console " service.
  3. Hello everyone. I just bought an R2 and I only play Warzone on the PC, I live in Brazil and I know that the servers are all in São Paulo, I am 200 km from such servers ... My ping to these servers, which started to appear only now with this last update, they are in the range of 19ms ... However, my shooting record is horrible, I have already tried several configurations ... I opened the doors, put them to prioritize such doors, put 70% congestion control, changed dns, etc etc .. I can even get good pings, but the record of shots is still horrible ... I would like to know what are the best settings for Warzone ... thank you all .. .
  4. Does Anyone Know What causes this to pop up all the time in game and then the game sometimes skips or it's like I'm seconds behind what's actually going on when it pops up. Does anyone know how to potentially fix it?
  5. Hi guys!! Since a lot of people now they use the DumaOS 3.0 I wonder if with new geo-fencing the problem with the chat party solved... has anyone tried this? And how the geo-fencing works? Before we now that is blocked everyone outside from selected area. Now that we can select specific areas how this work if someone of our friend is outside of this area? Also in my case that I leave in Greece and there is no server and I must select a server in Italy and Germany. How can effects when I want to have a chat party?
  6. Hi to everyone!! i am waiting my first scuf controller for almost 2 months... but I see a lot of people on Twitter that they report a lot of problems... Has anyone have scuf and what is you personal experience? I am playing Warzone and that is the reason I order it.
  7. hello guys, i have a nighthawk ac1900 c7000v2 cable modem router and on top of that i have a nighthawk xr300 pro gaming connected to that. Whenever playing call of duty modern warfare i seem to be getting a lot of lag none stop its always skipping or bullets dont register. i believe that its because of bufferbloat not to sure. i am connected to the xr300 from my ps4 wired connection. if anybody could help that would be highly appreciated.
  8. You all know the story. All I can say is if you haven’t bought a netduma, don’t waste your money it doesn’t work no amount of tweaking , throttling, firmware updates etc etc. Will change how your game plays. You are wasting your life it will not get any better that’s all
  9. Hi guys!! I wonder if the MTU can make any difference on the game. I have the default value 1500 on XR500. Cn any one explain me if it is better to change that and how can I find the true MTU value?
  10. So I ran Bo2 on xbox one fine with my old router, but ever since i switched to the R1 recently when i try clicking "Xbox Live" in the Bo2 multiplayer screen, it just says "connecting to online services" for about a full 2 minutes and then shows the message "Notice: The Call of Duty: Black ops 2 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status" I'm using a wired connection, and have 110 down/110 upload so i know i should be connecting. Any idea what to do for a fix? Have tried restarting router before powering up xbox or loading game and this doesn't resolve it. Update: Nevermind. Found the issue. Woudl delete topic if i could figure out how
  11. So here's the deal: I've stopped using my NetDumaR1 entirely for WW2. I run all COD games with a friend of mine who lives in Texas. I've "Tracert" to him and I get between a 60-70ms ping. Generally it takes 13-14 hops to get to him. He also has a NetDumaR1 and when we both get into lobbies in WW2 we can never land kills on anyone in Core or HC. That's when we both use our NetDumas. When I take off my NetDuma I still get 2 bar/3 bar connections (Yellow). I understand that only ISPs can do something about PING aka the amount of gateways it takes to relay the information from one to another. So I had him set up his geographical regions to encompass east Coast, Texas to Boston and add me to his router. Even still, we still get crappy connections and there are still people entering the lobbies that don't meet the threshold able to enter the lobbies even with him using the Strict Parameter. Bottom line is the NetDumaR1 isn't working as intended for this game. I'll use the NetDuma for IW for not for WW2 and that says a lot considering I haven't played IW since WW2 came out. We get people from South America, Europe, and Everywhere that don't meet that parameters. Also there's no amount of throttling or maxing out the speed that will help. At this point I don't know what to do about any of this. Verizon FIOS 1Gbps/1Gbps Normal Router PS4 Pro
  12. Hello this is how I get a triple A+ on the Netduma R1 I look at my modem speeds I then calculate 95% of that speed for the upload and download I then take off a Half a megabit for upload and download i then enter these speeds in the Netduma r1 I hit update no several times I don't think it a glitch it just the more you do it the better it seems to work I have my congestion control on reactive and 99% for the upload and download and I get constant triple A+ on DSL reports. This is how I work out my speeds I enter this into the browser. 95 % of 44.00 Which gives me a result of 41.8 I Then take off half a megabit Which you enter like this - 0.50 Into the calculator where you entered 41.80 Which gives me a final result of 41.3 You do this for the upload and download my congestion control is on reactive and the upload and download 99%
  13. Hi all. Just read a tweet by charlieintel sharing a link that Belgium has deemed that supply drops are a breach of their new gaming laws and considered criminal gambling. I will be glad to see the back of them to be honest when you have to pay to win by hoping to get a weapon or variant. https://charlieintel.com/2018/04/25/belgium-says-video-game-loot-boxes-are-considered-criminal-gambling/
  15. titofuenla


    hi guys I wanted to ask you about the bandwidth, I usually get 4300 and 4200 about bandwidth my question is can you get more on PS4? or it is the maximum par excellence. Greetings and thank you
  16. Hey guys, New to the forum here. Just picked up my Duma during the Black Friday sale. I am losing my mind right now trying to find good settings for COD WW2. I have a gigabit fiber line (1k up & down) and I feel like I am remarkably laggy in 95% of my games. I live in LA (Los Angeles not Louisiana) and with geo filtering set to between 500 / 600 miles and strict mode ticked, I'm often connected to hosts 2500 to 5000 miles away with player pings ranging from 150ms to 550ms and I've even seen up to 1000ms when it connects me to servers in the UK. I'm a hardcore player but I've recently started playing some core game modes to watch the kill cams and see how someone killed me that wasn't on my screen. In the replays, other players are standing in front of me, clear as day and it looks as if I'm an easy afk kill. I've tried every setting I've found suggested on the forums and everything I've found on youtube. The issue is I can't find much info for fiber setups and if I do, it's people with speeds around 100 down and 10 up. The only thing so far that has occasionally given me decent games is to massively throttle my connection. It's not enough to do it with the CC sliders though. I have to change my bandwidth to 100 down and 100 up and then drop my CC sliders way down. I've tried reactive & preemptive and always have super turbo off so I can utilize CC. Router is on the newest firmware, system is hardwired, ports are forwarded, NAT is open and I live alone so the only other device connected is my laptop running nothing but the netduma router config page. Issue remains the same regardless of if I'm playing in a party (hosting or not) or playing solo. Any input is GREATLY appreciated. Let me know if you need more information. Im an IT so I can ramble on and go level 10 nerd if it's helpful. :-) Thanks! PS4 Pro - COD WW2
  17. I just stumbled upon the Netduma Router via a YouTuber who uses it, and started investigating it all. I'm going to be here asking questions about it and how it can help me with my console gaming. Thanks!
  18. Can somebody help me with this issue please... I will play a few games of call of duty WW2 back out of a lobby and try to join a new one, every so often it will struggle to put me in a game and say widening search lobby but my geo filter prevents that and everytime it does that my whole internet connection disconnects ethernet and wifi withing my household for about 5 minutes which is very annoying Is there some kind of fix for this and can somebody let me know if there is. Thank you
  19. So I wanted to create a thread for those out there in the community who have found a process or particular settings that "ACTUALLY" work for them in WWll. Yes, we cannot control isp, line through home, or modem etc.. I'm strictly referring to setting within the Netduma or mtu and dns settings entered directly within your system. If you have "secrets" to unlock the magic or what not, don't be afraid to share your knowledge please. I think this could be beneficial for those who are struggling to have something they can at-least try so they don't break anything in their homes due to frustration!!!! lol (I'm serious though 0_0) Thanks!!
  20. Whenever I start up my PS4 to play games after work it goes like this. 15 mins of uninterrupted play - "LAN cable not connected." - "ERROR, You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Servers." - "Cannot connect to server, so network features for this game application unavailable. " This happens over and over again - sometimes for up to 30 mins. Sometimes it stops for a few mins then starts again. Sometimes it is very very rapid for 5-10 secs- so much so that the messages get stacked up. If I manage to get over the 30 min Hump then it basically stops this and has no problems...until the next time I turn it on again. Happens for Black Ops and Infinite warfare. Don't have any other PS4 games. I play ALOT on PC (also hooked up the duma) and that has no problems - ever. Here is the stuff I have tried over the past few months: - Switched back to my old router for a week. Works fine - but have terrible lag. Don't want terrible lag - Tried duma Wifi for an extended period - no Issues. - Dusted out duma and PS4 ports -Changed out E cables (CAT 6 and CAT 5e) -Unplugged E cable from the back of PS4 during LAN DC repeating issue. This sometimes makes this issue stop for awhile or completely. -When I get the LAN DC when I am in a part it gives me a "You left the previous party due to a network error. (NW-31229-7)" Settings: -PS4 Pro network settings all set to default. -Happens with and without Geofilter Enabled -PS4 is set to hyper traffic -UPnP enabled -R1 debug version 1.03.6h running . Misc. Settings Checked: Enable deep packet processing. Allow auto feedback(no personal data ever) to help improve the R1. Allow remote access to Netduma tech support. Enable upnp forwarding. Enable multicast snooping. Enable link-local IPv6. help plz.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYyKHWO1lcE https://www.youtube.com/kankyceez I'll be posting high scoring gameplay/nukes for WW2. Stick around I'll be posting my Netduma settings for WW2 once I get a feel for it. @kankyceez
  22. Hey all, So this morning something isn't right. Its taking up to 7 minutes just to get into a lobby. Half the time I do I then get kicked saying 'disconnected from server' and sometimes I get halfway through a game and then kicked again saying 'game lobby closed, error code VALDA'. Connection is wired. Had to do a few things round the house and put some YouTube music on my laptop (wired to my Duma router), then went back to game and I couldn't even find a lobby. Had to turn YouTube off, reset ps4 and again, waiting ages to find a lobby. Any suggestions? Thanks
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSHgvZWCubg Shout out to Velloony for being the only one to stop by my stream! Thanks bro Follow me on Twitter @KankyCeez Drop and Like and Subscribe if you guys would like to see more gameplay using the Duma!
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