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  1. Understood, I hope the feedback helps them out work out any wrinkles. Am I able to downgrade Firmware Versions? If so can you please provide me one 🙇‍♂️ Losing the ability to use the Geo Filter isn't worth getting multiple devices with Open NAT 😅
  2. I have provided you feedback, please check your Private Messages! 😅 @Netduma Fraser
  3. Thank you for all your help and going the extra mile! Please let me know about any updates to the situation and if there's any solutions, I'll gladly test them out for you!
  4. Yes, I tried various methods with my ISP Modem. In fact there's a whole different thread, involving it. One of the reasons I got a CM1000V2 is because my ISP Modem wasn't great and whatever we tried didn't work.
  5. That would be great if you can! Just send them this whole thread lol If they do find solution them tell them to list the exact options/configurations they did. My goal is to have a NAT Type: "Open" on both a PC and PS4 when they are connected to Cold War at the same time and connection type shouldn't matter to achieve that.
  6. 3074 for PS4 3075 for PC I've done it before, and it NAT Type: Open the PS4 but the PC got Moderate 😕 Didn't allow it.
  7. Sorry for the delay but I finally had the chance to do conduct tests. Sadly, this method didn't work since I got NAT Type: Moderate on my PC
  8. Didn't work, the PC got a NAT Type: "Moderate" connection when on a wired connection. I changed everything to what you exactly said to do and I even changed the NAT Filter to Open for further testing after your method didn't work. Changing it to NAT Filter to Open did nothing to help the issue lol
  9. How can I check that? I checked Settings->WAN Setup/Settings-> LAN Set Up and they don't mention IPV6.
  10. Yes, my LAN devices(Computer) get assigned a IPV6 Address in the device manager. Note: IP Address is the PS4 on a Wireless connection.
  11. I didn't change anything from the UPnP page. It's default but I'll post a screenshot when I get home. I conducted the tests without ever using/adding devices to the Geo-Filter.
  12. Correct, as long as I have the appropriate Port Forwarding Rules set up for the type of connection I'm going to use, regardless of if it's the first or second device to connect to Cold War then it will obtain a NAT Type "Open".
  13. Yeah, that didn't work. I obtained NAT Type: "Moderate" on my PC when wired. I obtained NAT Type: "Open" on my PS4 when on a wireless connection. I want both devices to obtain a NAT Type: "Open" The PC will normally be Wired and the PS4 will be on a wireless connection. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Indeed it does sound counter-intuitive but it ended up working for some reason lol My PC can now be the second device to connect to Cold War and still obtain a NAT Type: "Open" Question: Will keeping my NAT Filtering "Secured" present any significant issues in other applications/online multiplayer games? The only remaining issue is the PS4 was never able to obtain a NAT Type: "Open", no matter if it was the first or second device to connect to Cold War. I'm going to try this right now, I'll report back my findings soon.
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