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  1. Any plans to release a smartphone app to configure DumaOS R1 and view stats and geo-filter charts. This was suggested a couple of years ago for the original OS but I've not seen any recent mention. Also if you expose a documented RESTful API then you could encourage a community of devs to build apps and tools.
  2. Even better if DumoOS could just figure this out automatically. Verify the real location of all dumaos instances by triangulating ping for servers with known locations, then verify location of other unknown servers from ping to users with verified location. Accuracy of location for servers will improve over time as more and more dumaos instances triangulate the location. i.e. You can determine that I'm near London because my ping to known servers in London is about 20ms, then any server that is labelled as US but has a ping of 20ms is obviously in the UK not US.
  3. No I have ping assist disabled with home set to mid US and 1000km distance I am finding servers but they have a ping of 20ms. So obviously not in US since I'm based in UK. I was trying to force a connection to a US server to test geo-filtering was working. I cold started the xbox and BO4 to ensure I had new connections. Since the test I re-enabled ping assist - and now noticed that a lot of the servers I connect to appear to be in the US but still have a ping of 20ms.
  4. Using Xbox one, BO4 MP or League with a DunoOS R1 with latest 1.3 update. I'm based in the UK but seem to be connecting to dedicated servers in the US but with a ping of 20ms so looks like a lot of servers still don't have the correct location details. I have used flush cloud just to confirm I'm using the latest version of the server list.
  5. I'm not sure how but the problem seems to have been fixed for my Xbox One X 😀 I am now joining Dedicated Server lobbies using R1 DumoOS with and without geo-filters enabled. I switched off and removed power from the internet modem, R1 router, and Xbox, left for 30 seconds, then powered everything up again and the problem was resolved. I have done the same thing many times over the last few days since the problems started. So not sure why it would make a difference this time unless either a BO4 server updated or R1 cloud update changed something in the background since I last tried to restart everything. One thing I did notice is that all the servers I have joined so far are labelled as peers in the geo-filter auto-ping, so the server data is still not labelled correctly. I will continue testing with other MP modes and blackout.
  6. The update does not seem to have resolved the problem for my Xbox. I shutdown Xbox One, ran FLUSH CLOUD, rebooted R1 without console added to geo-filter, booted Xbox One, then started BO4 and tried to join Core TDM, but I'm still only finding P2P lobbies. I repeated this a few times. I haven't added xbox to geo-filter and still can't find any dedi games so not sure how the geo-filter cloud config could be the issue if I can't connect to dedi servers with geo-filter disabled. I have even reformatted Xbox and reinstalled BO4 just in case. My Xbox Live and BO4 NAT are Open. When I bypass the R1 and connect directly to internet router the games finds dedi games immediately.
  7. Given comments above about Xbox not working yet and the fact that I get the problem even when geo-filtering is disabled I didn't expect it to work but just to confirm I have tried FLUSH CLOUD and restarted R1 and Xbox using the recommended geo-filter settings but problem is not resolved for me.
  8. That was the point of my original post, the router should not be impacting my games in any way with the geo-filter off - but it is! Indicating a problem with the DumaOS! I have proved that it is not a game issue by testing with R1 downgraded to original firmware and testing without R1, in both cases I always get a dedicated server game, I never get P2P games. When I connect my xbox directly to my internet router or I downgrade the R1 to the original firmware I get dedicated server hosted games every time (I never get P2P games), as soon as I connect via the R1 with DumaOS I only get P2P games, even with all geo-filtering and qos disabled. I have tested many times with these configurations and the result is always the same. The fact that there is still a problem when geo-filtering and qos is disabled indicates that something in the DumaOS not related to filtering is disrupting BO4 server network traffic. Without any geo-filtering or qos enabled the R1 switch should just pass all network packets without disruption - this does not seem to be the case which indicates a problem in DumaOS.
  9. The problem still persists with all geo-filtering disabled
  10. What are the max upload/download speeds I should expect with an R1 running DumoOS? Without R1 I'm getting UP/DOWN speeds of about 400Mbps/20Mbps with R1 I'm getting about 150Mbps/20Mbps. For original R1 OS there were specific config changes to allow higher speeds. Are there any similar settings I should apply to get max throughput for DumoOS?
  11. Answer to questions from previous locked thread. Q1. Zennon "turn off your console, delete the console from the geo filter, reboot the console and check for the E in the top right code when in a lobby" - tried but does not make any difference Q2. Fraser "1. Downgrade to original R1 Firmware, 2. Upgrade to DumaOS with preserve settings DISABLED i.e. you do not want it to keep any of your settings into the upgrade" - I switched off xbox, upgraded to DumaOS from original firmware with preserve settings disabled, left all DumaOS config in default state i.e. geo-filtering not enabled (I noticed that the R1 IP address was still the same value I had previously configured not the default so some config must still be retained during the upgrade), started Xbox and BO4 and tried to join core TDM lobby, after 60 seconds joined P2P lobby, restarted game and tried joining Core TDM 5 times with same result, during one test the lobby version number had an 'E' appended for a few seconds indicating I had connected to a server then I was dropped back to the main menu without any error message.
  12. Which console are you using? Xbox One X Which game mode are you trying to play? Core TDM Which DumaOS powered router are you using? R1 Where are you located (approximately)? Central London Describe any problems you're having. Only connecting to peer hosted games (No 'E' at end of lobby version number) after about 60 seconds of searching for a lobby, tested with geo-filtering disabled and enabled, with and without ping assist, in spectator mode and with console deleted from geo-filter list. If I downgrade the R1 to v1 OS I connect to server hosted games immediately. If you have the Netduma R1, please try setting Ping Assist to 50ms and make sure Filtering Mode is enabled. Then, reboot your game. Does this fix your problem? No
  13. - Which game mode are you playing? I believe the problem was in all game modes but I was specifically testing in core team deathmatch - What console are you playing on? Xbox One X - Do you have an open NAT? Open NAT reported by Xbox network settings (sometimes moderate when I have dual NAT because internet router is in router mode but have tested in both router and modem mode) - How long does it take for you to find a game on DumaOS with the Geo-Filter disabled? (No devices added) I've not measured it and varies depending on time of day but probably about 30-60 seconds to find a peer hosted game - How long does it take for you to find a game on the old firmware with the Geo-Filter disabled? (No devices added) Again varies depending on time of day but at peek time usually under 10 seconds for core team deathmatch - Have you tried rebooting or factory resetting the router?  Yes tried both rebooting and factory reset multiple times as well as cold restart of xbox each time as well and rebooting internet router/modem.
  14. I downgraded to previous R1 firmware (R1-v-1-03-6j), added xbox geo-filters and BO4 immediately joins a server hosted game. So looks like DumoOS is preventing the server connections for xbox even with geo-filtering disabled. Let me know if there is any more info I can capture to help diagnose the problem.
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