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  1. OK - whats the process for arranging the replacement R2?
  2. Here are a couple of log files captured when the R2 has the issue. In both cases I can connect to the R2 via wifi but none of the ethernet ports seem to work. log-1624195978367.txt log-1627372848285.txt
  3. I had disabled WiFi so couldn’t test but will check next time it happens I did manage to capture a log on a previous occasion and can post here if your want.
  4. Liam - thanks for the offer for the return - I would prefer to help fix the problem than return the device - I've been a long time user of R1 and R2 and would miss the features. Perhaps a replacement rather than return in case I have an isolated/rare hardware fault. I'm wiling to put up with some pain if I can help improve the product. I'm an aging gamer with 30+ years of experience working with networks and software development - so happy to help if I can to test and help resolve the issue.
  5. The R2 has been elevated for 12 hours now and has just failed again this morning - the room temperature is normal so the R2 should not be having any temperature problems.
  6. I'm still losing the connection regularly - at least once a day - making the device unusable as the main broadband router - I've had to bypass the router for most devices which makes the QOS features obsolete. The R2 is completely unresponsive and only recovers if pull the power. The device does get quite warm - could this be a hardware fault? Can I get a replacement device since its still under warranty?
  7. Also seem to lose all Ethernet, client devices on the network can’t connect to the R2 only WiFi connected devices can connect to the R2 GUI.
  8. The network disconnected again today, I managed to connect to the hitron and can confirm that the R2 is not seen as a connected device. However, I managed to connect to the R2 WiFi network and could access the console via wifi and download the log file.
  9. I made the suggested changes but the problem keeps reoccurring 1-2 times per day. No internet connection on devices via ethernet or wifi and no connection possible to the R2, the only solution is to unplug the router and plug in again.
  10. The R2 is using latest firmware 3.0.205 and the internet router is a virgin media business Hitron CGNv4. I’ve done a factory reset on the R2 and left most things at default to see if that helps resolv the problem. Might help diagnose problems if the R2 supported syslog or datadog for remote logging. Datadog would be a great tool for capturing historical stats. let me know if there is anything I can do to help diagnose the problem or test fixes.
  11. Several times recently I have lost all internet connectivity and been unable to connect to the Netduma R2 via a browser or via the DumaOS app. The only fix is to power cycle the R2. This seems to happen once or twice a month, but just happened twice today. I'm hardwired to the R2 and wifi is disabled so its not a wifi related issue. This is obviously a serious reliability problem when all network services in the house rely on the Netduma for internet connectivity, including security cameras and TV recording services which need internet access even when I'm away from home and I can't restart the router. I've reverted to putting the netduma on a wifi power plug so I can remotely power cycle, but this work around is not an acceptable fix because it can be several hours or days before I notice there is an issue when I'm away from home. Is there anything I can capture from logs to figure out what is going wrong? Any suggestions for what is wrong and what I can do to fix this? Is there a way to schedule a regular reboot of the router? David
  12. I would love to see a measure of connection quality like the connection benchmark on the mobile app so if I’m having a bad / laggy game I can check the app to see if I can blame my internet connection or if it’s just my lack of skill
  13. I did clear local storage, forced to use R1/R2 instead of auto for router type and logged in again and the add blocker appeared.
  14. Adblocker features recently announced have not appeared in my DumaOS mobile app on iOS. I’ve reinstalled from App Store to make sure I’ve got the latest version.
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