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  1. It can be reproduced by choosing to resync the cloud and refreshing the page before it's finished and the only way I found to stop it is to reboot the R2.
  2. I could be barking up the wrong tree, but everybody seems to be so fixated on settings and configuration etc so much as to not even consider it could be a faulty RJ45. Try plugging your Xbox directly into the router see if it gets anything using the yellow cable, if it does. try the netduma with that yellow cable. If that works its the black one that's faulty. If the Xbox gets nothing too, you have a faulty port on you spectrum router. Sorry you gotta rule out hardware too, and RJ45's fail. If you get something on the Xbox on the yellow cable to Spectrum router, but nothing on the netduma, then you're back in the court of these guys. but is definitely a consideration that is currently being overlooked.
  3. That would be great, Being able to enable crossplay to join Xbox players and filter out PC would be ideal. Current Setup on crossplay is all or nothing, playstation only or All other platforms. Assume the same is for Xbox too.
  4. Like the title says, any chance we can get a crossplay filter. I use playstation and want to play with Xbox (family) on Cod for example without PC players. Are there no platform specific ports etc that can be enabled/disabled to filter out specific platforms? Suppose this could be used to filter various combinations of platforms if it's possible.
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