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  1. No bufferbloat tool for r2 would be great nothing wrong sorry about that
  2. there is different type of nat types you may need to open some ports you can find them online
  3. dsl reports is a little misleading at times you have to do at least 4 tries 1000 down and 40 up who is your provider
  4. i guess im new school who cares about 2.4 ghz wifi i thought everyone was on 5 ghz
  5. Thanks for that suggestion very good advice works great with fiber
  6. You have to ping warzone not mw there are 2 of them i may be ignorant but i made the same mistake good luck to ya
  7. Give it a reset all good gamers give a reset before they game thats a must good luck to you
  8. My settings are 75 download and 25 upload but im from the midwest (usa) on fiber internet 1gb
  9. Netduma R2 best thing a gamer can buy love this had the R1 and this thing is a beast i use to go even in MW 2019 now im slaying people like theres no tomorrow love it keep up the good work
  10. i would like to know if anyone has some good settings for the midwest usa ive been trying a little bit of everything but cant seem to find that sweet spot. thanks in advance
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