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  1. I got in the ip address changed to something else
  2. XR1000 I disconnected the 700 and now I can't log into dumas. Keeps saying to long to reach
  3. When I do as you asked only thing I can connect to is the xr700
  4. Yes my xr 700 was getting full speed. Will try does xr700 need to be in ap mode or just put the XR1000 to 700
  5. Internet ip address ✔️ get dynamically from isp .router Mac address ✔️ use default address. I was wondering if I should ✔️ use static ip address instead. Vlan not enabled. Ipv6 Disabled
  6. In the lan Setuo it has use Router as DHCP Server ✔️
  7. Also when I do Connection benchmark I get a D/B/D pic provided
  8. Speeds set to what I pay for .when I do speed test wired I get 680/40 and wireless I get 354/39 qos is off and smart connect as well .I rebooted both modem and router.
  9. 560 /38 on 5g .that is what the router has my speeds at Should I manually put what I pay for.sorry if im confusing you .whir qos disabled I should be at max speeds
  10. Yes I do have smart connect enabled. Is it possible that the bandwidth allocation is nor correct. Should I change my speeds manually. Thank you for your help
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