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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Luke in COVID-19 and what it means for Netduma   
    Hi Everyone,
    We hope you and your families are keeping safe.
    The virus is going to be a challenge for everybody, but at Netduma we are doing everything we can to power through it. Some of us are now working from home, but we will not let it slow us down in delivering DumaOS 3.0 to you. After all, the quality of your online gaming & home network is an even higher priority than before!
    We will also be keeping all our support channels open as usual in case you're having any problems.
    The whole team is safe and we hope you are as well.
    The Netduma Team
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Alex in does it make sense to buy a VPN?   
    When there's a free VPN available, you have to ask yourself how the owner is making money. Nobody would run a VPN just out of the kindness of their heart, so it's probably your data they're selling.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Jman in 5ghz wifi   
    I was afraid of that but times have changed.. Ive owned the r1 since it was first released. Maybe one of the nighthawks will be next since it has Duma OS. 
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from Jman in 5ghz wifi   
    The original R1 only has 2.4GHz component. No 5GHz.  Only options if 5GHz is needed is to add an extender or access point sorry to say.  
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Alex in Net duma keep restarting   
    Could you please email [email protected] with a copy of your invoice/order number?
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Zennon in Net duma keep restarting   
    Hello do not flash the R1 with the Microtik firmware.
    Is that the original power supply you are using as mine is not a 90 degree jack.
    Please wait for a member of Netduma staff to guide you further.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to BIG__DOG in Where are the updates???   
    I have moved this to a different section of the forum as this has no place being posted in 1v1 support. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in How to remove offline devices from router?   
    We totally understand how frustrating that issue can be so I'm sure you'll be happy with 3.0
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from TryHardUndies in Modern Warfare: New Rust Tactical Nuke (XR700)   
    Damn TryHard you can carry me anyday. Nice job.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in IPv6 - Current and future support level?   
    DumaOS will be available on all the routers so we'll be ensuring they work for all the routers so that includes the R1 as well. We wouldn't hold back something like that.
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Modern Warfare: New Rust Tactical Nuke (XR700)   
    Damn TryHard you can carry me anyday. Nice job.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Zennon in Ghost Gamer Broadband ISP   
    First line of their blurb.....
    Fast broadband speeds are a key part of online gaming success.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to RedBull2k in Caddy 1.2   
    I thought i would start this off with its own thread.
    I have expanded slightly from my first app, screen shots are below. 

    now you can save and load your allow and deny list. This is very ideal if you have to factory reset. plus sharing of lists is possible.
    you can clear your allow/deny list with a single click.
    for those of you who are fed up of seeing your offline devices can with 1 click remove all offline devices that no longer hold an ip address
    you can also create your own custom black/whitlist just make a text file named with the following 
    and insert ip addresses, only 1 ip address per line for example

    from where ever this file is saved just drag and drop into the white box, this will automatically add
    here is the file
    caddy 1.0
    caddy 1.1
    caddy 1.2
    @[email protected]
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    PharmDawgg reacted to BIG__DOG in XR500 No internet after reboot   
    There is what is known as "hand shaking" this means that a router has to communicate and varify itself to the ISP that it belongs to the owner who is subscribed to them which is you. This takes a longer than usual time if you have a PPPoE connection. Aggressive mode sends a connection request about every 20 seconds or so, this may cause an isp to think it is under an attack. It is not recommended to reboot your router or turn it off regularly as leaving it on is what it is designed to do. Hope this helps to explain the reasons why it takes so long to obtain a public IP address and connect to the internet.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to BOTS in R1 Keeps Rebooting   
    Thanks for the prompt responses PharmDawgg and Fraser. I have followed the full reset instructions with no joy. I'll wait 24 hours and try again. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Can't sign in to router gui on any browser but have internet access   
    It looks like you may have set a static IP address for the PC, if you remove that can you connect to the interface? After doing that you may need to do ipconfig /release & then ipconfig /renew in command prompt to regain a connection.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Killhippie in XR700 Certificate disclosure vulnerability   
    Well Netgear have patched the R8900 and R9000 nothing about the XR700 or the RAX120 yet, but they will be patched at some point. It turns out they left TLS certificates in plain text in the firmware so anyone could read them...

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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Ping Values   
    Are you certain that they've disabled the dedicated server? Are you basing this on whether the icon when you're in game shows as a peer? It might be that it's misclassified as a peer and is actually a dedicated server. Do you have the domain for it and we can check. The ping is the round trip time from the router to the server/host and back again. We could implement something like that but may be for a different feature and not the Geo-Filter ping. We do have plans to add packet loss
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR300 - High Priority Traffic detection issues   
    I totally understand the frustration, if I was having an issue that was unfixable except for an update I would get frustrated as well. All I can say are two things:
    3.0 itself encompasses reworks of existing features which should eliminate existing bugs without specifically going to fix them if that makes sense.
    Once released it will be A LOT easier to have fixes out there faster without having to wait as long.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in geo filter still putting me on bad servers   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    It's because you have Ping Assist on, that may be a mislocated server that is actually under your ping range. It means you never miss the chance of a good game. If you want to use the radius exclusively then turn Ping Assist to 0 as well as the above suggestion.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to BIG__DOG in geo filter still putting me on bad servers   
    untick fast search. Fast search bypasses your geo filtering settings to find you a game.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Killhippie in XR700 Certificate disclosure vulnerability   
    Associated CVE IDs: None
    NETGEAR is aware of a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate private key disclosure vulnerability on the following product models:
    R8900 R9000 RAX120 XR700* These products use Certificate Authority-signed certificates to provide secure HTTPS access to the router web interface. You might see a security certificate error or warning when you try to access your router’s web interface using HTTPS.
    NETGEAR plans to release firmware hotfixes for all affected products as soon as possible.
    Until a firmware fix is available for your product, NETGEAR recommends that you:

    Use the NETGEAR Nighthawk app.

    Instead of using HTTPS, log in to your router’s web browser interface using HTTP to login in
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Alex in Netduma R1 hook up to Xfinity Modem   
    To set this up, all you need to do is connect one of the LAN ports of the Xfinity modem to the WAN port (port 1) on the Netduma R1.
    Connect the PS4 to one of the R1 LAN ports, and connect a computer or phone to the R1 via wifi or ethernet. You can then use the computer/phone to manage the geo-filter for the PS4.
    Bear in mind that there's no point using QoS if your Xfinity modem is going to be handling other devices, so you should stick to just using Geo-Filter.
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from SGR_Scott in What are cloud updates?   
    It would be awesome if the router's software would some how auto update or send the server's info back to the cloud. But may be that is a perfect world. lol
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