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    PharmDawgg reacted to dep44 in Xr1000 keeps double assigning IP to ethernet PC?   
    Fraser you are the man.  They don't pay you enough for all your help! Hot damn I wish my ISP was as good as you!
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Warzone heat map   
    They keep changing their server information, we're updating it about twice a day which is more than usual. Click Resync Cloud in the Heatmap menu, if it updates great, if not then they've updated it again. We're working on a more permanent solution.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Newfie in These options enabled or disabled?   
    STP may be required for some devices. Sonos uses STP for example. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in HELP FOR WARZONE LOBBY   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    The router purpose is to find the best connections not for finding games where you're playing against less skilled players
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Problems geofilter   
    Searching for games a lot further away from you will result in longer search times and you'll get a higher ping, that's why it doesn't always work. The router purpose is to get you the best connection games possible, not to try and get around playing against skilled players
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Problems geofilter   
    What is the reason for trying to force games with such a high ping? The router is designed to get you the lowest ping servers
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205   
    I believe some people will find Value in what we may be Preparing to improve upon in the Next firmware.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Liam in Fullcone nat vs symmetric nat   
    I guess in theory Full cone as it's supposed to be more compatible with a wider range of devices. I've seen this topic debated before but there's no clear answer for it! Are you experiencing any issues with NAT currently?
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from Newfie in Arris SB8200   
    I hate it that we have to wait for the isp’s to push updates to these devices. I think modems are devices that don’t get enough support. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Zippy in Thinking about getting the R2. Looking for advice.   
    The R2s wifi is always improving.. But if it was me id put your XR500 in AP mode then run that to the R2.. Or even do that with your current R1! I wasnt around to know what the R1 did.. But wish I had.. I came aboard when I purchased the XR500.. And the XR500 has been one interesting ride for sure.. I see no reason to not purchase the R2.. But if you rely on wifi heavily then I would use the XR500 in AP mode then tie that to the R2.. You should get good solid coverage with that setup! 
    I personally would buy an R2.. for a couple of reasons.. One its all of Netdumas work of art! Two when it comes to firmware updates I feel it will get attention much faster then the Netgear line of routers.. Much quicker turn around with that.. And ive always like to support Netduma by buying there very own products.. I honestly was even thinking about buying an old R1 just to get an idea of how it is.. Even in the current day! I have nothing against Netgear.. But if you feel the need for the XR1000 im sure it would serve you well.. After my experience with the XR500 id have a hard time to purchase another..
    Would I love to see Netduma build a massive hardware spec and wfi router like no one has ever seen before and call it the BEAST! Yes I would!  And I mean insanely over the top hardware.  The kind that would make many scratch there head and say holy mosses!! 😲
    One thing that we can all agree on is you cant beat Netdumas support.. I mean nowadays you just dont see that kind of support from any one or company!
    Good luck with whatever router you purchase!
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from Zippy in Arris SB8200   
    I hate it that we have to wait for the isp’s to push updates to these devices. I think modems are devices that don’t get enough support. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to scrubosaurus in Ports   
    ports for playstation
    Ports for cod
    tbh, at least in fifa, i dont feel any diference
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Liam in Ports   
    A quick google would suggest:
    TCP: 1935, 3478-3480
    UDP: 3074, 3478-3479
    Though I know there's been a lot of discussion in the community so I'll let those guys respond with their experience too!
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Luke ‘Absolute’ Holmes in Ports   
    So I've been searching using the search bar up top for best port forwarding for Warzone on PS4 however I've been reading multiple topics with different ports. Can someone clarify which ports I should be opening or link me to the topic with best results on this?
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    PharmDawgg reacted to broderick1000 in Strict NAT   
    Thanks guys for all your help. The new update worked. My NAT is now open. The new UI is crazy. I know you guys have moved on to newer products, but thank you for looking out for the original  R1 users. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Liam in Does adblocker work for youtube app?   
    Adblocker doesn't yet work with YouTube ads, they're pretty clever, but we're working on it! 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to II N3MES1S II in Arris SB8200   
    I had to replace my Arris SB6190 and get the SB8200 and I have to say there is a huge difference.
    Not only did the lag and buffering stop but the images are clearer while watching things like Hulu and Discovery+.
    I was downloading a huge update to Warzone last night after calling Spectrum to activate the new modem.
    Then tested the network watching some TV all without an issue.
    Then today for the first time since playing Warzone, I finally won 1st. place playing Battle Royal Solo.
    I can tell while gaming that everything was smoother and no screen tearing by the airport.
    Also now I can actually see the Modem page since with the SB6190 they blocked the page.
    Arris SB8200 Version 6 to be exact for the win!
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in VLAN - Netduma R2   
    It's not currently available but I did manage to get the dev team to implement this sooner so they are actually working on it currently - I couldn't say exactly when it will be available though.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Apply To WAN   
    In theory yes with Wireshark, if you can't then you may need to follow this guide: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005498/network-and-i-o/ethernet-products.html 
    Don't you trust us?  

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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Fraser in Apply To WAN   
    It applies the same priority information tags to packets going out to the ISP. The ISP may just ignore these tags, but you may see a performance improvement through using these tags.
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from Scoflo in Ethernet connection dropping out.   
    I understand. Troubleshooting can be a pain especially when there are so many parts to the puzzle. 
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Scoflo in Ethernet connection dropping out.   
    Thanks Pharm,
    I've completed 1 and 3, DHCP lease time was set to 168hrs. Everything is fine with the ISP modem/router so the issue isn't my side. I can't even gain access to the Dumaos now to try anything else in there so I'm going to have to walk away. It's my second unit that's failed now and I don't have the time or patience to try a third.
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    PharmDawgg got a reaction from Netduma Liam in Ethernet connection dropping out.   
    I had a similar issue with ethernet disconnects with my pc from router. I did this and it seemed to have fixed the issue.:
    1. Network Reset on pc
    2. Rolled back my NIC to an older driver
    3. Changed my DHCP lease time 72 hours (I believe anything greater than 24 hours should be fine)
    Just some suggestions. Just one other caveat I am using 
    a Realtek NIC not Intel.
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    PharmDawgg reacted to Netduma Liam in NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205   
    Hey all, hope you’re doing well.
    Here’s the latest firmware update for the R2 – 3.0.205 (Sounds great, right?)
    Nothing huge - but it welcomes several stability, security and general cosmetic improvements to your R2. 
    We recommend you make the upgrade and do a full factory reset afterwards, just to make sure you're starting from a clean slate!
    You can go ahead and download it here:
    Those that have an R2 on pre-order, rest assured that it will come with this latest firmware pre-installed - if you have any issues or queries, just give us a shout!
    For the techies amongst you, here's a more detailed change log:
    System-wide GUI improvements to both cosmetics and Security Increased DHCP cache size to 10000, stopping DHCP from being filled by 1500 requests Improved Traffic Prioritisation for wireless devices Fixed occasional issue where IPv6 devices weren't assigned DHCP IPs DumaOS webserver fixes for improving operating smoothness of GUI Improved DPI detection services Improved Bandwidth Allocation backend
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    Yeah and its utter rubbish. The geo filter cannot bypass an algorithm thats part of the game. 
    And if this part is actually true...    'We work with multiple tournament platforms for advertising and partnerships, and the best one we’ve worked with thus far is looking HEAVILY in to combatting netduma routers being exploited'
    Then they'll be no point in having a Netduma router at all.
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