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  1. appreciate the feedback legend Fraser💪
  2. The adblocker feature is incredible works like a charm across all of my devices! I like to play multiplayer online shooters at competitive level so the smallest things make a HUGE difference, i was curious and have these questions Gents! 1. Does having adblocker enabled on my ps4 console create any latency or increases ping? 2. will i benefit having the adblocker enabled on my console in online multiplayer shooters ? 3. will i win more gunfights or lose more gunfights with this enabled/disabled on (ps4 console)? thank you🙏
  3. i have a idle ping of 10-12 ms once in a great while (rare) i will get a ping spikes to 15-19 ms in Congestion control auto set up "advanced" there is a feature called "anti spikes" i have set the Anti spike on the recommended value of around 10-15-20! but when i set it to those values my download slider remains at 100% should i decrease the anti spike to a value of 5-10 ms? Put yourself in my shoes for a second! if you had an idle ping of 10-12 ms and if the idle did spike it was only to 15-19 ms what would you set your MAX Anti Spike to? i feel like this would help others in the future as well♥
  4. Question answered thank you! I was just wondering what speedtest to rely on! Congestion control works great💯🤝
  5. Hello Duma Army! 😎 i have the Netduma R1 version 3.0.207 ( which has been incredible) (i know i need to upgrade) i pay for 1000gb down 35 upload my concern is the download! i understand MY R1 qos is not going to get anything higher than 250 mbps for download i recieve 400-600 with qos disabled so im fine on the speed part! BUT! 🙄 what (Speed Test) should i rely on so i can implement my bandwith speeds! when i do speedtests on my (PC) Wired! i get these results from these speed tests with QOS turned on (I Want Qos On) its the speedtest i should rely on im focusing on! Speedtest.net -210-215mbps consistent xfinity.com-200-240 always between this fast.com -230 mbps consistent but when i do tests from Dumaos Connection Benchmark i get 156-159 download ( Consistently ) what speedtest should i rely on the most? so i can configure my network optimally ♥ Thank you! 🤙
  6. ive been following the "apply to wan" phrase for awhile now! should i always apply to wan? i do game with my ps4 wired, with only 1 ps4, other threads state to only use the apply to wan feature if we are using a device on wifi. ive been looking for a pin point answer from netduma themselves! should we enable apply to wan? why? i want to know why, if i should apply to wan, are there pros and cons? or is this just another feature that is deeply unknown? been super curious but the only answerers we find are here, some threads say its helpful but they dont know if that isp will allow this action, other threads state it does harm and not to use apply to wan. i want to know are there benefits to gaming with this feature> should i be using default? or gaming/voice there has to be more knowledge about this. i take gaming so serious and i tell everybody about netduma.♥
  7. Hello I have signed up in June for Duma 3.0 for the R1! I have been excited for this feature & was curious when this incredible firmware will be available? 🙂
  8. This apply to all consoles? Or just xbox👀
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