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  1. @Netduma Liammy bad😅💀 i dont even know how i thought this was you! i must have been very tired😴 @Netduma Fraser straight up emotional damage 🤣
  2. yeah man @Netduma Fraser is the goat! i will only pass on information i have received from him! dude in my opinion is the face of these forums for support!
  3. select normal for wired gaming devices and if you select apply to wan you might notice an improvement on your gameplay! i will leave a link the 2nd post/comment in this thread goes into detail about Wmm and these traffic Ques. these are not chosen at random! cheers traffic prioritization here & if you scroll to the bottom of this link i have each function essentially broken down. here
  4. cant really assume with things happening unexpected so make sure just to be safe (your geo filter isn't blocking an authentication server & traffic prioritization is set up accordingly to your gaming device as well as adblocker being disabled strictly on your gaming device) going to try to help the best i can! if i was there locally i could resolve this so much easier Suggestion, i have had a few encounters where i had a moderate nat. a quick reboot fixed that for me, also in device manager make sure you set your devices and gaming devices accordingly! when playing on wifi compared to ethernet i've noticed my R1 assigns another unique ip thats different depending if im using wifi or wired remove any rule you have for port forwarding enable upnp and reboot your router if your using a PlayStation put it as PlayStation or games console same goes for xbox - try to change your dhcp ip for the gaming device you're using - if using a pc & upnp is failing you, go to settings & enable network discovery & automatic setup of network devices (will be a small box you can select) - if your upnp is opening 3074 udp for cod its definitely the game. are all games moderate with upnp enabled while connected ethernet? or just cod? if all seems to fail...while connected using Ethernet and you are still recieving a moderate nat type if you look at your gaming device you will see it has a a unique ip address your router gave it. enter your gaming devices ip that your dhcp is giving out to your device and put it into the dmz section. hope this helps cheers 🍻
  5. i would strongly advise you to get a dumaos router set your geo filter accordingly to what would give you a lower ping! i prefer polygon mode with fast search (DISABLED) for myself i play on Seattle down to California servers 15-40 ping lobbies ill average anywhere between 15-25 kills on a ps4 i go live and show my netduma & settings here i have disabled dumaosgames in traffic prioritization and manually added my ps4 to games console while selecting (Normal) as I'm wired and applying this traffic to the (wan) doing this should give you an edge especially if your isp accepts (DSCP) tags (determines traffic classification for network data & can be used to set a specific priority to your packets once it leaves your HOME) must be chosen accordingly as this is not random. ill leave a link here ( if im not too understanding) Disable/Pause adblocker on your gaming devices for congestion control I've always set my sliders to 70% this has always seemed like the sweet spot even being on multiple different connections! ranging from 25d & 3u to 250d & 35u & now 1000d & 100u & having alot of devices connected as well. reserve your gaming device in DHCP i swear on everything upnp gives me way better connection than port forwarding whenever i port forward it takes years to find a lobby and connection doesn't seem right. i port forwarded for years and once i started using upnp i swear my connection has felt way better. idk man must just be me alot of people will claim upnp or port forwarding has no impact on increasing gameplay. but as a streamer who has been top 20 on leaderboards on a few cods ( as shown on my channel ) and is all about connection. i assure you all leave upnp on! netdumas upnp is amazing. like if my bullets are not registering its always because im playing on a higher ping. just a customer who loves their product♥
  6. this happens as well when the Wi-Fi channel your Wi-Fi is using is being crowded by other networks! in the Wi-Fi tab you can change it from there! personally i would recommend using a Wi-Fi scanner so you can see what channel is not being used! if what the admins recommended doesn't work give this a try! currently i have my Wi-Fi channel on automatic so it can determine what is optimal for my Wi-Fi devices every time i reboot! when factory resetting the r1 it puts you on channel 7 which is as well the default channel for most networks
  7. if you're familiar with mac address cloning you can change your ip that way! thats what i did when i got ddosed i had a new ip in less than a few minutes of learning how to do it.
  8. is this how the traffic type & priority tags work Fraser? below ive copy and pasted and will leave the link netgear has left! so if i guess correctly netduma tried to implement something similar So in traffic types Gaming/voice will work similar to*voice* (defualt) would be *best effort* Video would obviously be video traffic these traffic ques play a role i feel and for time sensitive applications wouldn't you want the traffic type with the least delay? WMM defines the following four queues, in decreasing order of priority: Voice.The highest priority queue with minimum delay, which makes it ideal for applications such as voice over IP(VoIP) and streaming media. Video. The second highest priority queue with low delay is given to this queue. Video applications are routed to this queue. Best Effort. The medium priority queue with medium delay is given to this queue. Most standard IP applications use this queue. Background. Low priority queue with high throughput. Applications, such as FTP, that are not time-sensitive, but require high throughput,can use this queue. https://kb.netgear.com/221/WMM-WiFi-Multimedia hopefully I'm understanding brothers
  9. selecting gaming/voice applies to a random wireless device thats gaming your saying????? when i select the device specifically (My gaming console only) thats connected to an ethernet cable?🤣 but also thats the same prioritization dumaos classified games uses as well... im positive the traffic selector is more specific on the traffic type and has nothing to do with a wireless device. they had a bug where that used to say (wireless traffic type). instead of (traffic type). & i believe alot of you guys got very confused by that a few months back. since then it has been resolved by netduma & fraser himself in multiple threads has discussed the traffic type. there's threads available still that the admins said they needed help on but those should have been closed since this has been resolved! but hey, if you're really unsure just stick with normal. but just remember dumaos classified games uses (Gaming/Voice) regardless if you"re on ethernet or wifi. gaming traffic is gaming traffic
  10. i play on a ps4 & livestream dropping 15-25 kills on warzone ive hosted tournaments for money before as well boys! i do GIVEAWAYS & i show my set up all the time to prove we stay legit! i just want to grow more man! were close to 1k #Natural #OGCodPlayerButWereYoung #Netduma #HelpMeGrowBoys https://youtu.be/ZKuzINp0awE
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