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  1. okay thank you, the picture it doesn't have I number for the download and i keep getting that
  2. So I am trying to select the auto setup feature prioritization ping , and when it says testing it will not give me the option to save my Stephen and it always has my download settings negative. note: no save button and no percentage
  3. sorry left the country just came back and the problem still is there...........now i cant even get a internet connection through the router
  4. I have my internet provider connected to my netduma and then the netduma connected to the laptop and it is showing my internet provider as my Lan connection and not showing netduma anywhere
  5. So I have a netduma router and for some reason one day the Wi-Fi stopped showing up and I cannot access the router to the IP need help urgently
  6. Okay I'll try let u know what happens but I've tired most of these things already just so u know.
  7. Oh one more question you change your DNS server from the default one that NetDuma gives you on your PlayStation
  8. Yh thanks. Any other Settings app that help improve my connection maybe in the miscellaneous. If I set my location in Florida, im assuming that you want me to set it in Miami how wide should my radius be thou
  9. So I live in the Caribbean. Trinidad presently, and I need settings that will allow me to get the best connection possible. I am setting it presently with strict mode off ping being at zero, with the geofilter be in two clicks out which puts it's to about three thousand and something miles out sometimes I get good games and most times if not every time there is someone in the lobby that lags very hard. This makes the game an enjoyable to play because if it's not one person again it's more than one. I need better settings off or things to improved on my present settings. Oh and I do load the cod ultimate preset profile also
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