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  1. The R2's firmware is very lightweight (not in terms of features, but in terms of performance impact) There's basically no bloat on there, it starts up quickly, it updates quickly, it runs quickly
  2. Yeah, they are pretty close. I wonder if the Disable QoS function wasn't working correctly when I tested? I was using cat6 cables between the client and the server.
  3. I agree this is a good idea. We have plans to improve this feature, we've got wireframes about how the next version should look, so keep an eye out for updates.
  4. We renamed them to Rapps a little while ago (instead of R-Apps) because they're meant to be pronounced "rapps" and people were pronouncing them "arr apps" I mean admittedly it does make it sound a little like a hip-hop store but oh well, we could always expand into the rap game.
  5. Short answer: yes. Long answer: The whole idea of DumaOS is for it to be hardware agnostic. Once the rapp store is fully launched, updates for different routers will be a piece of cake. Currently we have no plans to make any hardware exclusive features. When it comes to firmware, the main difference will be the speed of updates. We expect that the R2 will be updated more quickly than the XR500 because there are less verification steps to get an R2 firmware published. That said, both are great routers and both will be updated. The R2 can handle much faster WAN connections than the R1 could, the processor is better so that bottleneck is lifted. I don't have any hard numbers on Hybrid-VPN performance but in my personal testing I've found that it feels very responsive. It largely depends on your VPN provider and chosen server location, of course. The R2 has better hardware in terms of processor, memory, wifi. The R2 supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the R1 only supports 2.4GHz. Once DumaOS 3.0 is released, the two units will have the same software features. In future, we may have to set limits for the R1 that won't be there for other units, but we have no plans to do this yet. We would never artificially limit a unit, but if a feature we develop needs more power than the R1 can provide, we won't have a choice. That's totally fair, the XR500 is still an awesome router and we'll continue to support it with software updates. The R2 is only a router, so you'll need a modem in addition to the R2.
  6. Nope, our relationship with Netgear is still going strong and we'll be supporting all of their Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers going forward. If you're a Nighthawk Pro Gaming user, you won't be missing out on any new DumaOS features.
  7. If you're underneath two routers (possible double NAT) then even if UPnP is enabled on the Netduma, you won't get an open NAT. This is because the ports are not open to the Netduma, hey're closed by the router above. This is why we recommend either putting the upstream router into bridge mode, or putting the Netduma router into the DMZ of the upstream router, then using UPnP on the Netduma.
  8. @quinkun @way2fast900rr I have applied to fix to your routers, you are now able to upgrade to DumaOS without a problem. Sorry about the delay.
  9. I'll add you now, click the orange banner at the top of the page to get started.
  10. Sorry, I will send your details onto Netgear in the priority testers list, but it's up to them in the end to add you. I don't have direct control over it.
  11. On Fraser's instruction I have just added you to the beta. Look for the orange banner at the top of the forum page to get started!
  12. It's possible that you had multiple accounts and I chose the wrong one... Either way, I have now added the account @mrcalebreese to the beta. Sorry about the delay.
  13. Do you guys have a theory on why this is? I'm thinking it might be because of lag compensation on the game servers. Perhaps having a cleaner connection can end up punishing you in some situations.
  14. Very strange that a game would play better with a worse ping... If that's the case, there may be ways we can streamline this in future Geo-Filter versions.
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