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  1. Well the Network Map is quite a complicated thing to render, and it looks like you're keeping lots of tabs open at once, so it could just be an expected result of the interface.
  2. Could you take a screenshot of the menu with the cities missing?
  3. Hmm, well the MAC address is a unique identifier. Doing it via IP address would cause confusion when it was reassigned. Maybe if everything was using a static ip? The MAC address is also one of the things that's used to identify a device type.
  4. Yes that's right. That will prioritize literally all of the traffic from the PS4. If that doesn't work we can try something else.
  5. Once you've got the PS4 added manually, you don't need to keep "DumaOS Classified Games" turned on Instead of choosing Games Console, you could go to Advanced and put in every port TCP and UDP. That would cover ALL PS4 traffic.
  6. You said there's no cities listed for Australia? On mine I have Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney
  7. Here's what you should do: On the Netduma, go to System Information and make a note of the WAN IP On the Home Hub, go to Home Network and you'll see a huge list of devices, use CTRL-F to search for the WAN IP from the previous step Click on the device with that IP, rename it to something obvious like Netduma, and press YES to "always use this ip" Now on the Home Hub go to Firewall > DMZ and choose Netduma (or whatever name you chose) from the list Press Apply Let me know how it goes!
  8. It seems kind of like there's a dead zone around the router where the speed drops. Have you tried disabling 20/40MHz coexistence?
  9. When you added your PS4 to traffic prioritization, did you choose all of the ports? 1 to 65535
  10. Usually yes, as long as UPnP is on. Sometimes it needs a little manual intervention though.
  11. It's possible that the preset you were using is out of date. Which location were you attempting to use that didn't work? I can test it to see if we have to update it.
  12. Could you do a pingplotter test to that server so that we can see where the delay is occuring? Here's a guide:
  13. No that makes sense, Google make a lot of money from selling data so they're more likely to want yours. Mozilla are a non-profit so they probably don't want your data... Probably? Oh by the way, I think there are extensions you can install that will save groups of tabs and allow you to restore old sessions. Look up "tab manager" or something like that. It's been a while since i've used one but they definitely exist. Or you could right click on your tabs and press "Bookmark all tabs", that would save them into a folder. Then you can right click the folder and press "open all in tabs".
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