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  1. When you connect your laptop to the R1, what IP address are you given? If you're on windows, you can open command prompt and type ipconfig to find out.
  2. Vous devez ouvrir le fichier dans Notepad et copier tout le texte
  3. Hmm I haven't seen that problem before. What router are you using?
  4. You're talking about a Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router right? In the firmware updates section of settings, there is an automatic updates option, and if you press I Disagree and press save, your system will remain on the version it's currently on. You can download whichever old version you want from here (if you're on an XR500): https://www.netgear.com/support/product/XR500.aspx When you go through the setup procedure, make sure that you refuse any updates that it finds automatically!
  5. A bold assumption my friend, a BOLD assumption
  6. Well DumaOS is only in beta on the R1. On all of the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers we don't consider it a beta anymore. The fact that we call it a beta on the R1 is just a holdover from the transition from the original firmware to DumaOS. There will certainly be updates, big things are on the horizon, but whether those will still be under the umbrella of "beta" or not, I don't know. Essentially, it's semantics, it won't affect the product.
  7. Sounds to me like they don't even want to try the cascaded router option.
  8. On Chrome it's CTRL-SHIFT-N On Firefox it's CTRL-SHIFT-P
  9. Have you tried multiple browsers, or incognito/private mode in your current browser?
  10. What happens if you have your Geo-Filter set to USA, you get your friends to join, and then you go into Spectating mode just before you start searching for a game.
  11. In the WAN settings are you using DHCP, Static or PPPoE?
  12. Okay so the first thing i'm thinking is that this isn't a WiFi problem but instead a problem between the R1 and the ISP router. Is the Netduma's WAN IP in the DMZ of the ISP router? Does the ISP router have any sort of firewall which you haven't disabled?
  13. So you are trying to get yourself and your friends connected to servers in the USA? Are your friends able to join your party when your Geo-Filter is set to USA?
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