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  1. Hi, thanks for your input. if the same was happening with, I mean that 5-10 ms difference, I would not bother, but I am seeing 4-7ms on DumaOS and 67ms on PS4. by the way, I attached my Network Overview snapshot, showing strange signal during BO3 game play.
  2. thank you very much. Yes I am playing wired, I am now investigating the issue, will follow up directly once I find something.
  3. Hi, I am still playing black ops 3, although it has been too long now, it still my go to game. I suddenly discovered today that in-game ping bar shows BIG difference from what DumaOS geo-filter peer ping shows. the game now uses peer host connection system, I am playing all lobbies locally with Geo-filter shows 3-7 ms crisp latency. however, while that being showed in the Duma, the PS4 Pro shows WAY higher ping at 67 ms !!! the problem is what PS4 Pro seems to be the correct reading because a lot of stuttering, rubber banding and instant death do occur in the same game. I am now pretty sure that problem actually lies between my router and the PS4, everything seems to be good through my modem and until the router, it is clearly just between my PS4 and the router. when I speed test through PS4 browser on local server in speedtest.net, it shows 20ms to my first hop. while the same server show 1ms to my first hop on laptop test! any suggestion what might be the issue? thanks you very much in advance.
  4. thank you very much for fast answers. the speed tests are actually all wired using cat 6a cable. the fluctuations actually occurs on the XR500 built-in speedtest and speedtest.net. thanks for confirming efficiency of QoS! good luck!
  5. thank you very much. I actually stayed with my fiber for more stabilized connection. However, I cannot get rid of my ISP ONT, it is a modem/router combo. I can put my xr500 on DMZ. or even can put the ONT in bridge mode with credentials of PPPoE set on the XR500. since my PPPoE is VLAN taged - currently an issue on netgear routers- I prefer the first option. thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, Today I have finally got my XR500 built-in speedtest working perfectly. I was complaining before here in the support forum, Mr. Netduma admin was absolutely right telling that my firewall is the issue. I disabled windows network firewall .... and BOOM! the built-in speedtest finally got reported my bandwidth. now, I have several questions regarding different topics since here I used to find direct and fast replays from dears Mr. Fraser, Mr. jack and other supportive Nedtuma admins. many thanks to them. 1- my speedtest on the XR500 reports widely variable download speed measures. my package is 300/80 mbps. my speedtest reports sometimes 290mbps, some times 271, some times 250. without any other devices using the internet while testing. what might directly affect a speedtest that I can modify? DNS? MTU? 2- my PS4 Pro, even worse speedtest fluctuations! one test reports 100mbps, the other one will be 270mbps .. what might be the issue? since both Sony and my ISP confirming no issues, my ISP showed me proof of my connection quality while that is not possible in Sony case obviously. 3- Does applying QoS might in - any situation - reduce performance? I hear some sayings here and there on technical forums that QoS some time does reduce performance and creates latency, with suggestions to turn some or all features off, one of my friends using the XR500 even mentioned that unticking "goodput" option helped him a lot with in-game latency. is that a placebo? just to mention, I am NOT facing any major issues with my XR500 in-game performance or actual download speeds, the router just performs perfectly on my CoDs, black ops 3, infinite warfare, wwii and black ops 4 beta. I was just wondering about the above minor notes. thank you in advance.
  7. Hi everyone, today I discovered a new ISP came to our area to providing internet service packages. my current ISP is Fiber GPON, using PPPoE VLAN connection method, consistent speed at 300/80 mbps and consistent latency ranging between 1-5 ms to my first hop. I took a trial subscription from the other ISP that is LTE 4g+ service with open speed based on your router, you can use any 4g router, the speed in my b525a-95s 4g router achieved 90/20 mbps semi consistent but with latency ranging between 15-20 ms to the first hop, never exceeded 20 ms in 15 different test I done during yesterday. my neighbor has achieved 220/50 mbps on his b719 LTE router! both services can be connected to my XR500. considering the relatively high bill cost of the fiber to me, and the cheap LTE service with not that much difference in stability and latency. I am thinking in the favor of the LTE. does it really make a difference in gaming that 15-20 ms latency? I am seeking an advice since I might terminate my fiber package based on my findings. thanks a lot!
  8. thanks again sir. that is completely informative. solved.
  9. thank you very much. ah, So the router actually measuring the speed with my PC ? that is 70% might be the problem. I am using extensive windows 10 firewall rules. dslreports works perfectly yes. thanks!
  10. thanks, I get the error "speedtest fails" and I have to put my bandwidth manually. my general browsing and internet is fine.
  11. Hi, I have been trying to speedtest through the router GUI since 6 hours but I couldn't. the speedtest always fails although I even tried the router with different ISP and service in my friend house. what might be the issue? I am not afraid of the speedtest but because I think this might be reflecting other issues in my router or connection. thanks
  12. thanks, this is what I am looking to hear. please even if you released a firmware fix for this issue, kindly send it to me soon, I can test it directly. good luck.
  13. I am sorry, that was the wrong topic, this is the one I have been told that a fix will be in progress: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR500-QoS-UPnP-issue-with-VLAN-tagging/m-p/1612741#M2800 Netgear official representative, her name Is Ms. Michael has called me several times and confirmed that XR500 OS system is under development of Netduma team and you will look into the issue not them as per her response. and look at the attached replays, I think everything is clear now. anyway, thanks!
  14. Hi, two months ago I was having an issue with VLAN tag and QoS/UPnP features, the issue is in the following topic: I was promised then of a fix, which has never happened yet. Please Netduma team, if this is unsolvable, kindly inform me so I can have a workaround it. thanks
  15. Thank you very much sir, I removed the XR500 and connected to the ONT directly .. not so much better results, I have noticed that packet loss (red bars) occurs only when I test to multiple targets as you see in attached graph, no issues with single target.
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