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  1. My guy..... the man @DMC_81 has been showing the higher tickrates from BO4 and even WW2 lobbies. He hasnt posted anything from MW - and if i was him i wudnt either as he would legit be wasting his time now. The denial of fact is strong i see. All good tho.... no point in us going back n forth any further as the people who should be doing something or engaging the users for more info for testing purposes are non existent or will reply with a bot autotext, smh
  2. 84/80 tickrate So much for it not going over 60hz. Yr gaming experience is probably going to be chalked down to yr ping, lol - anything but to just except that their is an issue from the OS cos others have shown that they have similar low ping stats and have been bots in the lobbies as they have instability in tickrates or send and receive rates.
  3. This statement is basically saying what we all have been, there is an issue with DumaOS - as u are highlighting that a base isp router gives its user a better gaming experience than a "Gaming Router".
  4. So many of us have posted actual visuals of the information from our router ping stats..... its not a he said she said story.......the information is there for everyone to see. @DMC_81 legit took the time to do a video showing how the tickrate stabilizes at double the 60hz tickrate - what more is there to do or show. So initially his reports were labelled as being a ui bug - uhmmm nope...... many users from different parts of the globe (cos i for one am on the southern end of Africa) have posted visuals with +-120hz tickrates whether stable or unstable, the data is there for all to see. I posted gameplay from MW to show what it looks like ingame - no placebo there.
  5. You went 78-1 You Tag Netduma and OpenWRT Which is it - BO4 was and still is a mess for most users.
  6. 1. Last i checked u dont use a DumaOS or Netduma Router or are you? 2. You've posted many links to your extremely high kd gameplays (goodstuf) - iirc it was with openwrt correct? 3. If you are using openwrt and then as u stated above u struggle when using the R1 you should rather be asking why does openwrt give u better gameplay vs DumaOS or whatever normal version of netduma software the R1 uses. Leave DMC (dont knock him) he tried to help as before he posted anything this forum was beyond dead and everyone was just struggling on their own in their little corner at least now there is alot more interaction even if most of it is just amongst owners of the products. So why............do u have no issues with openwrt vs netduma software?
  7. Took u guys long enuf to come out and say it but eventually i knew you would. Everything is 'placebo' when u cant fix it or dont know what to respond with as factual. U rep the company/brand...... by now i was expecting u to at the very least test the theory and give proper feedback. Its so easy for you to replicate this and inform everyone what you find...... afterall what is your true purpose? This should have been a priority.
  8. Go follow the original posts which have been going on for the longest time now and you will see the reports from different users. I have personally uploaded screenshots of low (60-70hz tickrates) and high (100-130+hz tickrates) with gameplay from my youtube channel to show what the game plays like on higher tickrates when i stabilizes momentarily. This is the reason why on almost a daily basis now there are posts being made about tickrates and in addition the send and receive rates.
  9. This means that you have not been following the issue - the fluctuating tickrates are being experienced by the XR500 users specifically - users with the R1 have reported that they have stable tickrate figures of >100hz. So remove the game developers and look at what is causing the inconsistency on the XR500 (DumaOs specifically).
  10. Its abit late at night on my side so i wont go back and forth on this.........how many more users do you need to see the existing tickrate 'proofs' from to accept that they are above 60hz? Or is the software giving incorrect information to everyone? Has what we have been reporting re: tickrates and send and receive rates been escalated to the people responsible on your end to look at or are we just wasting our time showing the obvious?
  11. You are correct in saying that it is a 'reading', however, there is more to it, the information gathered is clearly showing that the connection to the server is 'erratic/unstable' The very purpose to its inclusion was to show the end user what stats they are receiving from the server they are connected to. There should be no argument that the fluctuating tickrate as well as the send and receive rates are causing all the XR500 users problems with their respective gaming experience. What i dont understand is why this is not being escalated to 'whoever' it is that needs to see it and an actual legit response gets given to everyone. As things stand now it doesnt matter if u have a single digit ping ingame or on the router, you will still not have a consistent gaming experience as the tickrate and send and receive rates will still not be consistent.
  12. Lol Yeah i did it, and it doesnt work...... everything was fine in the Beta though, i only connected to the closest server to me which gives me a 20-25ms ping. With the launch of the game all that changed.... not sure why it did - will see if the eventual cloud update fixes anything.
  13. Had a crappy connection but ruffed it out - Need the cloud update sorted as i'm not connecting to the lowest ping servers as i did in the beta. Beta ping to closest servers 20-25ms Current ping to servers further away 45-60ms with alot of spikes Enjoy the gameplay tho.
  14. Nah bud....i'm chilled. What were you thinking of though regarding the ping.
  15. If check my original post i mentioned that at 4m40s you'll see the ingame ping figure
  16. No probs bud, i know exactly what you are looking for, the only ping figure shown in the video is an ingame figure. I have seen a 0ms search from Scump, Clayster and Illey and they have found lobbies with that figure. Scump and Clayster play off the Dallas Texas servers which are rated as the best Illey was based in Canada but has since moved to Dallas as well as he is on the Empire roster. From my experience, if i set my ping assist to 20ms i would also get a 0ms search but shortly thereafter i get disconnected as my base ping wouldnt enable me to find lobbies at that low of a ping figure.
  17. watch this video.... he plays on pc..... @4:40 his ingame ping was shown as 41-43ms
  18. @Netduma Fraser has @DMC_81 been banned cos i havent seen him reply or comment in a few days. If that is the case then it's bad as he could have assisted a few of the users in more detail.
  19. In the Beta i connected to two Dedicated servers here in SA The closest one being 20-25ms constant The second server not being too far away gives me a constant 45-50ms ping As per normal Duma OS style, the router no longer detects the 20-25ms server and i only connect to the 45-50ms server....... Which is the one in the video i posted. At this point i am just making do with what i'm faced with......not going to waste too much time typing away at something that should never have been an issue to begin with. And yes the cloud has been flushed...... its been flushed so much i think its gone all the way down the toilet, lol.
  20. Hey bud..... my internet is not as good as DMC's, I cannot keep it consistently at the high tickrates (thats the issue we need to get sorted). What i can only do is to show you how the game plays when it does go stable for that short or extended period. I cant say if buying the XR700 would be worth it as i have the XR500. Someone with the XR700 has to record their gameplay and show us how it goes for them and how stable their connection is.
  21. Thanx.......this gameplay was a good illustration of when the tickrate is stable.......i get 120-140hz when its stable at the higher tickrate......but most of the time its stable at a lower tickrate of 65-70hz - the difference in gameplay is big. We need the XR500 to be consistent though.....as from what i've read, the R1 and XR700 doesnt have any issues where the tickrate and send and receive rates spike erratically.
  22. My Gameplay from yesterday........was away from home today, so only getting a chance to post this now. No camping needed.........I enjoy MW for what it is.
  23. Buddy..... dont knock the guy for trying to help.......... he could have chosen to not post anything......according to everyone cod servers dont run at tickrates above 60hz.........well clearly they do (as a few of us have confirmed and as you have also seen). I'm not answering for DMC but unless you guys are on the same timezone i'm sure he will respond soon enuf when he gets the notifications. As for an online 1v1 that wudnt say much cos either you, him or someone else will host and the internet will decide who wins - in a perfect world your challs could be met on Lan with ease. The problem here is "why" on DumaOs (XR500) does the tickrate not remain stable all the time as it does on the R1 and R700.....same goes for the send and receive rates...... the irratic spikes can never be normal. I want proper answers and solutions from Netduma not the same rhetoric that gets repeated over n over without end.
  24. They are as random as can be....... nothing they say ever holds true or when people tell them of the problems they are having they come up with the exact same response as if they are Bots. The 'erratic' server tickrate issue is an old issue....... there was a topic raised last year about the exact same thing and guys with excellent ping figures were lagging because of it...... and guess what the reply was........or better yet..... go read it,
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