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  1. https://twitter.com/NETDUMA/status/1267893748446478336?s=19
  2. Indeed the mother of all f%#? ups Lets see how it works out
  3. Thats what i gathered from the youtube live they had. Their wording spoke to the fact that everyone who had signed up would be able to get it.
  4. Netduma is UK based so going off that it should have been live already. They are 2hours behind me in SA Its 17:43 this side.
  5. I signed up yes..... was expecting an email with further direction.
  6. So....... whats happening........ @Netduma Admin Has there been a development...... i dont see any info updates on socials nor is there an update available via the router app itself.
  7. The forum's main purpose right now is more for us to chat and share some ideas and strats that seem to work well on other routers, yet not helping the majority of users on the DumaOS routers, lol.........since i own this expensive piece of gear i made it a point for it not to be a 'white elephant' (piece of useless equipment).
  8. I am referring to the curves in the geofilter info.
  9. @Sable what does yr ping, send and receive curves look like when using this method. When i throttled 4% (down/up) for peer hosts on BO3 i saw a complete flattening of my ping curve which i never had with the higher percentage i always used with the same BB slider settings (97/97%) What i cannot get to flatten are the send and receive curves..... interested to see how yrs looks when using either throttled or normal speeds.
  10. Yeah the geofilter is a tricky affair......i had to switch from ping assist to normal radius usage and it defntly does not give me the servers i prefer as opposed to when i use ping assist. I still feel like the situation can be fixed instantly.... but it kinda seems like support for issues have been thrown away........if we dont post questions and or possible solutions to help each other then everyone will be left in the dark. Support has to be alot more pro-active!!
  11. What i found as an issue was a random spike in cpu usage For some strange reason i have had an issue where the cpu usage wud spike to 100% and cause my ingame experience to drop big time.... no bullet reg, trailing in gunfights and movement and super lag in general. What fixed it for me without changing anything was to reboot the router. Now i always make it a point to monitor my cpu usage before and while gaming. Hope that bit of info helps.
  12. So this was just posted...... i am over the update and bug fix crap but i also cannot just let it be........ this gamer has promoted the product on his platform all the time....... i'm not sure what tipped the scales for him but i know how frustrating the lack of transparency can be. @Netduma Admin this is for your attention - alot of users are switching to other routers...... i personally have just tried to make the best of what i have (xr500) and set things up as best i could - my gameplay speaks for itself but i cannot not say anything and leave you guys to continue the way you are with no clear timelines on the upcoming updates. Use this as constructive criticism!!!
  13. Peer hosted lobby, to combat the super lag i was experiencing before i made the following changes to my existing setup. Throttled connection to 4% on qos flower on both the up and download with "Always" selected on the BB sliders. No QOS manual rules nor any duma classified games or games console used (instant stabilization of connection to the peer hosted lobbies) Geofilter set to spectating mode. Some 'heavy metal' added to spice things up. Enjoy!!!
  14. MP5 Clips.mp4 MP5 Clips.mp4 Made this one for the heck of it..... cant upload to youtube tho(music copyright and such). Final kill tho 😎πŸ₯Ά Enjoy!!
  15. Try these manual rules without DumaOS Games and Games Console enabled. Source Port: 3074 (start and end) Destination Port: 30000 (start) - 45000 (end) Protocol: UDP
  16. If you have done manual port prioritization, which ports or port ranges have you prioritized? If not manual prio rules, are you using DumaOS Classified games or setting the PS4 as a Games Console? The light going off indicates that no port or ports are being prioritized once the game starts.
  17. Love it guys These love letters are motivation to make them insta rage quit when they see yr gamer tag...... and shows that your gunskill is badass and the connection setups are πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ #KeepGunnin
  18. Some music for the snipes Easy 5 Piece_x264.mp4
  19. Your KD is way higher than mine...... i'm stuck at 1.4, lol It doesnt make sense to me as i dont go negative very easily and mostly finish with high k/d games 😬
  20. First [email protected] upload 😎 Excuse the noisy noob teammates πŸ™‰
  21. First game on.....not sure if SBMM is still a thing, πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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