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  1. Also when I click on the Europe server to try and deny it, all it does is load.
  2. Regular servers with triangles.
  3. It looks pretty much the same as my previous pictures.
  4. Is there any update on using the Geo-Filter for Modern Warfare? It simply doesn't work..It searches and connects me to high ping servers outside the radius of my filter.
  5. Ping Assist doesn't seem to be working either. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong?
  6. Does the Geo-Filter not support the New Modern Warfare?? I've even tried erasing my PC and adding it as a console and still this is what it looks like when in a lobby. When I click on the server nothing shows up. (See Pics 1 and 2) I took these screenshots while the match was loading up. Clearly this isn't the server anyway because it randomly shows up and disappears when I'm not in a lobby and just at the main screen before I enter a match. (And yes it's the same ID) The other pic is a random peer which might be me? I'm not sure but its the only peer that shows up both when I'm in game and not in a lobby or match. (See Pic 3)
  7. Tried booting the game up in spectating mode with the DMZ unchecked, and it went back to Moderate. The message it gives is: “The game tried to use UDP port 3074 to open the required port for an open NAT in-game.”
  8. Putting it in the DMZ worked. But how much of a risk is it to my computer using that method?
  9. Hey Alex, this topic is actually for PC. Does the same method apply?
  10. I’m playing COD on PC. When it was removed from the Geofilter, NAT type was strict. (Which led me to try adding it to the geofilter) It is now moderate. Tried the port forwarding and it’s still moderate.
  11. The WAN port is connected to my modem via ethernet. (always has been) I don't have this NAT problem with console. Only with PC.
  12. I’m completely new to PC so I would need a step by step tutorial on what to do. How would I find out if is connected to upstream? I did add it to my geofilter. How would I forward the ports? I do know the port numbers.
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