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  1. Quick question, I just received another modem (same model) through an RMA. I just set it up with my ISP provider. But my question is will I need to do a full reset with the XR500?
  2. Well explained. I appreciate the info!
  3. Ok. Another question..When I use the ping assist in the geo-filter, isn’t it supposed to only target the range I set it to? (ie: I set mine to around 23) it will put me in certain lobbies that are between 23-27 but sometimes it puts me with peers and servers that are over 80. My perimeter in the geo-filter is very small around my area, (around 300 miles) it’s not set to fast search and I don’t mind waiting to get into the best lobbies. However it still puts me in lobbies over my target range sometimes. Also according to my speed tests, my ping is actually a consistent 16 but I never get into any lobbies that low.
  4. I've noticed in the recent update that it no longer allows us to deny servers but only peers? I can allow servers but no longer deny them?
  5. When I used the other server for a speed test it was pretty much my normal speeds. (935 down 40 up) The disconnects are Ethernet. It is connected to a pure modem. (No wifi) I did all troubleshooting steps with my ISP and we concluded it was the router. My signal was strong on their end and when I connected my PC directly to my modem, my speeds were where they were supposed to be.
  6. Same slow speeds. But I did just try running a speed test to a different server and got a better result. But that still doesn’t explain the random disconnects.
  7. Seems like after the factory reset my devices went back to normal, but now my speeds are extremely slow and I keep losing connection. (Speed tests are around 300 down and 35 up. I average 947 down and 42 up) I plugged up my PC directly to the modem and I’m getting the speeds I’m supposed to. Also when I first did the update when I tried to log in, (after putting all the info in) it was on a continuous loop not loading the “R-App.”
  8. I just noticed something else: My PC should be showing up under the WAN settings in Device Manager but it isn't. I'm hard wired to my router. (I'm currently using it) See the pics below:
  9. More Mislocated servers. I did see however that the original one I posted about a week ago was fixed.
  10. I’m showing about 4 iPhones on my device list that are not authorized. When I look at the MAC address it isn’t mine a well. It’s showing online and I can’t delete it even after I try blocking it. I’m hoping my PC wasn’t compromised. Please help.
  11. For some odd reason the servers and peers are not showing up in my geo-filter.
  12. I've been seeing this server mislocated for quite sometime, (21 PING) and it appears it would be my best server if I could connect to it. But I prefer not to change my home location. (closer to PING 27) Also I'm sure the server with the extremely high ping is mislocated as well. (PING 152) I've listed the server addresses under each photo.
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