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  1. No I haven’t tried that. How would I do that?
  2. I’m playing COD on PC. When it was removed from the Geofilter, NAT type was strict. (Which led me to try adding it to the geofilter) It is now moderate. Tried the port forwarding and it’s still moderate.
  3. The WAN port is connected to my modem via ethernet. (always has been) I don't have this NAT problem with console. Only with PC.
  4. I’m completely new to PC so I would need a step by step tutorial on what to do. How would I find out if is connected to upstream? I did add it to my geofilter. How would I forward the ports? I do know the port numbers.
  5. I'm getting strict and moderate NAT types in PC games. How can I fix this is?
  6. I’ve seen it during normal hours as well.
  7. This week I've noticed that the ping of some of my allowed servers sky rocket during peak hours. Haven't seen any servers spike like that in a very long time. It's labeled "Illinois Lag 6" because I recently labeled and denied it. But it was originally an allowed server. It's normally pinged at around 22 ms.
  8. Yes when I ping it, it has the name I saved it as. But when I deny it, it goes into the list at the bottom and saves it as "Georgia Lag." I did the cache wipe and the servers are still saved as Georgia Lag.
  9. I can try that, but the box was not blank when I saved it. They had individual server names that I labeled each of them with.
  10. It didn’t seem to happen when I auto pinged. I did this manually. It did work as far as blocking the Servers, but it saved them like this.
  11. So here's my latest update: Up until this past Tuesday, the deny server feature seemed to be working ok.(As long as I had it set to the specified radius..in my case Call of Duty from the profile selector. *See Pic 1) But on Tuesday it all went to crap when I tried expanding the radius and connected to other servers. So I did the same thing which was deny the servers as I connected to them, but thats when things got weird. When you deny a peer or a server, it moves it to the bottom of your Allow Deny List. So as I denied the servers, it would block them and move them to the bottom, but would change the name I saved them under. (See Pic 2) For some odd reason it renamed the denied servers "Georgia Lag." I marked one of the servers with a black star so you could see what it was originally named and has the same ID. As you can see, my entire list of denied servers now reads "Georgia Lag!" This is a problem.... Now I don't remember which servers I denied. (guess it doesn't matter too much as long as the system blocks them) but I should be able to tell, and it should read accurately what I originally saved them as. This is really getting ridiculous running into bugs and problems with this router, and we still have no update or solution.
  12. Yes currently. But only after I went through the process of re-denying them. Before that, it connected me to every denied server (within that radius) and the block feature did not work at all.
  13. Update: For about 2 weeks, I've noticed something when it comes to the denied server feature. (This is what has been going on for me anyway) First, I did a power reset on my router. After this process, I noticed that I connected to EVERY DENIED SERVER (within that radius) that I previously denied. It's like it just cycled me through each and every one of the DENIED ones ONLY. (It didn't connect me to any of the servers I allowed during this process just to be crystal clear) One by one as I connected to a denied server, I denied it once again. (Very frustrating because there were so many servers I previously denied..) After I denied every "already denied server" within that radius, I finally connected to a server I had allowed. At this point, I noticed that going forward, the feature started working. It continued to block every denied server I recently denied, and only connected me to servers I allowed, but ONLY within the radius I had it set for.(See pictures 1 and 2 below) In other words, If I expand the radius and it connects to another server I denied, (for instance in NY etc.) it will connect to that denied server. I'm wondering if I should just completely expand the radius to cover all servers and as I connect to the ones I originally denied, do the same process as before. This would be a frustrating and time consuming task (Because I have so many denied servers) and I shouldn't have to do this because once its denied it should stay denied.....(as originally advertised) but......I may have to try this and see if it will work. The only problem is if you do a power reset on the modem or have a power surge or outage, (after doing all this work) this process of denying every already denied server would have to be done all over again. So you guys are not out of the woods as far as getting this feature fixed and completely working, but I figured I would give an update so you guys can inform the devs. I'll update as I continue this process.
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