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  1. Hey, It will be saved automatically. Do you have browser extension installed? If you got adblock, security extension and antivirus app, disable those and restart the router and device. Try another Device (Computer, Notebook) as well.
  2. Yes, why shouldn't it work? You don't need the Geo Filter function for RDR2, it wouldn't do anything. To be honest, you don't need the geo filter for most games.
  3. Hey @Kostas83. Is the test done via Ethernet cable? If not, please test via cable. If yes, then please change your cable. (It could be because of the Ethernet cable is faulty). The Packet Loss already occurs between your computer and the modem/router. You have to check whether it is the computer, modem/router, or a component in between (switch) the cause is.
  4. Do you tried PingAssist? I think you can get better Results with a Base Ping of 15. I don't know where you are placed. It would be helpful if you would send a screenshot of you QOS Page, PingPlotter or as @Sable says, a short video of your gameplay. Does the red dot (next to Traffic Prioritization) appears when you are Gaming?
  5. @Bert Yes, that's right. 🧐 If things go bad, you usually blame your internet and aim although there are no problems. Sometimes you just have better opponents who may have better internet and live closer to the server. You cannot influence that. Better leave and look for a new lobby.
  6. Hey @DanyKTM. DSLReports is not bad but also not 100% trustworthy. It only saturates your line for a few seconds and doesn't overload properly. If you want to properly saturate your line then: Download, stream HD videos etc. and test with PingPlotter. If you have an A+ it's good. There are many free programs and websites where your can test your line. If it works for you then it's ok but it may not work for other. If You want to know more Read here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000075774-i-can-t-get-an-a-on-dslreports-is-anti-bufferbloat-not-working- and here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/24212-getting-an-a-but-not-an-a-on-dslreports/
  7. Hey Buddy, keep calm. 😉 Your base ping is good. The problem is, what may work for others, may not work for you. There isn't an all-in-one resolution for Everybody. Stability of your line is the key. What is your Ingame Ping? How does your PingPlotter & QOS (Traffic Prioritization) look like? Send Screenshots.
  8. Hey @Ptingler81. Cable is a shared medium and, depending on the level of expansion and use, bottlenecks can occur if your neighbors using the Internet. When multiple homes are logged on at the same time, they share bandwidth, speed is reduced and your Ping can fluctuate. DSL, VDSL, Fiber is more stable there. What is your Base Ping? You can Test it here: https://www.speedtest.net/
  9. Hey @Ptingler81. Yes you are correct, for Gaming you need about around 3 Mbps Download Speed and 1 Mbps Upload Speed. What matters is Your Ping to the Server. But if 6-7 Devices using Bandwidth while you Gaming, I would activate Anti-BB and set it to ''Only When High Priority Traffic Detected'' and make sure ‘DumaOS Classified Games’ is checked (which it is by default) and fine tune your Line with Ping Plotter. (http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping / http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077073-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-qos)
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