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  1. Any Update on when the CC (upload) is going to be fixed when using PPPoE?, instaled he lastest firmware on the R1 and this works fine but not for the XR1000
  2. Im playing with a friend From the US thats why the ping is high. This is without PPPoE on the XR1000 and the CC works fine.
  3. i hope it gets a hotfix ASAP I'm streaming and gaming and the gameplay is awful.
  4. Unfortunately the Uk Vigor 130 only does PPPoE passthrough, do we know if the next update will fix this issue?
  5. Only the Download works. Even tried setting the upload speed to 16Mb Manually but still hits 19-20
  6. Hi duma I have just got my hands on the XR1000 today, Setup it up and tried to CC my Upload to 70% and speed test says im getting maximum speeds i have tried at 1% and still the same speeds are 80D and 20U/ I have factory reset it 3 times and all the same results, i am on the latest firmware XR1000 Any Ideas?
  7. Yes i do so i have now turned it off via the plug, and get constant logins? so that light would it cause the router to disconnect?
  8. Hi fraser, im already on this firmware from the previous post. when i look at logs all i get is this.....
  9. hey Duma, My router keeps disconnecting again, and i think its due to overheating? i see a small fan through the mesh but it nevers comes on and the case is extremely warm. should it be like this? Regards John.
  10. yes the router just reboots, so far its holding out! no drops whilst streaming the windows install may of fixed the problem! will keep an update over the next couple of days
  11. power on router id straight into the wall sorry. and there is no way i can disable QoS on the business router ive looked. and reinstalled the latest firmware again but still getting packet loss. Even with me trying a new router/modem. if i disconnect the XR700 i get no packet loss at all.
  12. QoS is always enabled on the download as the upload is set at 100% as the business hub already has QoS on the upload
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