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  1. Fraser thank you for your quick reply. The problem was that I had to change the R2 Mac address to the Mac address of the router that the ISP supplied to me. Hopefully this thread helps someone in the future.
  2. This afternoon my R2 randomly stopped working. I can access dumaos and it says WAN IP - Disconnected. My setup is YouFibre fttp wall modem > R2 > PC this has been working perfectly for the past month. This no longer works, yet when I do this YouFibre fttp wall modem > Eero 6 (YouFibre provided router) > R2 > PC everything works fine again? I don't understand this, here are some things I have tried. Restarting both the R2 and Modem Different ethernet cables Factory reset Updated R2 Firmware (then factory reset) Disabling IPv6 DNS override Please can anyone help me with this issue, I dont understand why this just randomly stopped and the R2 no longer connects to my modem. I have a static ip address and my WAN IP is when it worked Thanks for reading
  3. The first time since i give the r2 a static ip and put it in the dmz yes
  4. Master socket > TalkTalk router hg633 > ethernet > netduma r2
  5. New netduma and this is still happening. Its so strange because if im watching a twitch stream when it happens it wont cut out but i cant load anything and just get dns error on every website in other tabs
  6. Yes i was connected by ethernet, I really don't think a replacement will fix it because the exact same thing also happened with my old R1 and now R2. It just happens randomly and a restart of the R2 instantly fixes it, is there a setting I can change to stop this happening?
  7. I cant do ipconfig /renew, it just says "No operation can be performed on Ethernet while it has its media disconnected" This isnt just for my computer, everyones device drops from the internet. It sometimes gives me these errors too. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG A factory reset doesn't stop it happening either and i still can't log into the dumaos/ it just stays on loading.
  8. Hi Fraser I am having the same problem again but this time on the R2, my internet keeps dropping constantly and giving me the error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. I don't have any DNS settings on the netduma, i just use the isp one. I can't even log into dumaos as it is just stuck on loading, the internet isn't down because I can still play games but not browse.
  9. I tried posting but I think it got deleted? i dont think this is a dumaos 3.0 issue because it was happening before i was on 3.0
  10. Please can someone help my wifi keeps dropping on r1 and giving me the error dns probe finished nxdomain the dns servers i use are and on my isp router, my isp router is in bridge mode so wifi is off. This is not a problem with my wifi as I use ethernet and when this happens I can still browse some websites but get the dns probe finished nxdomain on most. A few days ago i upgraded to dumaos 3.0 and that didn't fix it. I included a log file, im not sure if that can help I have tried using a different ethernet cable from my isp router to the netduma and that didnt fix it log-1603272050320.txt
  11. @Netduma Fraser That link doesn't work for me, I get "Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1"
  12. Hello can anyone tell me why these phones are connected on different connections? Talktalkcac is my netduma thats just what i renamed it too.
  13. So I want to put my router (HG635) into bridge mode and to do that it says I need to "Disable DHCP in the LAN". If I do that I need to enter an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and a DNS server, what numbers do I put for these please?
  14. I'm not sure how to find a cod server ip Alex, do you know one I could use please (or know how I can find one)? I live in England if that makes any difference.
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