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  1. so the recommendations you gave did not help, still can not stream or even download over 6 mbs. for some reason my pc is capped at that download speed. I am wired and have 40 down, 4 up for interner speed. Speed test shows my correct speeds, but every time I download or update an app i max out at 5-6 mbs. Any suggestions or reasons for this?
  2. Thank you for the help, I will try that and let you know if that helped!
  3. Okay, is that really your answer to my issue with the xr500? My upload is plenty for 720p @30 frames. My upload has nothing to do with my deactivating the QoS function on the router and as a result my stream work. Before I deactivated the QoS, I could not stream. Now I can since my deactivating the QoS. I hope I have made myself clear on the problem. Please, if you have a real solution for this problem, let me know. Thank you.
  4. I have the xr500 nighthawk and there is no modem as it's a fiber optic line. I have a wired connection for streaming. And when I do a speed test through the modem and speed test.net I get almost the speeds I pay for. But when I try and stream my upload is drastically lower. The OBS software I use has an internal bandwidth and hardware test to auto the settings and I get poor results for my upload. After I deactivated the QoS the test came back good and I was able to stream.
  5. Hi, I have recently discovered that the QoS is actually degrading my internet. I am a new streamer and am having issues with my streaming quality. I have 40mb down/4mb up. My testing doesn't have those results. When I try to stream my upload is extremely low and hence my stream is really slow. I checked the "never" option for the bufferbloat and still bad upload for streaming. I deactivated QoS and and the streaming check is better, stream is good. What would be the a reason for this?
  6. So an update for how things are going with the netduma. The issues of connection drops are happening more frequent, mainly with my laptop though which is weird because it never dropped when I used my netgear router to connect, but now my wifes phone is dropping also. These issues didn't happen before I used the netduma solely for internet. So would anybody have any suggestions to rectify the issue or have any ideas why this would happen to only a couple devices and not the rest?
  7. So an update to the suggestions I received in the ^ posts. So far everything is working great. My family does a lot of streaming via youtube, netflix, etc. rarely are they doing live upstreams like twitch, but i have bout 15 devices hooked up just to the netduma with the suggested settings and haven't had any drop outs or connection bogs. Hopefully it continues to perform like this! Again thank you @bagsta69 and @colonicboom for the help! Wow, ironically as I went to post this reply my laptop actually got dropped from the netduma. I had to forget the connection and re connect. 1st time since I made the changes so hopefully it isn't a regular problem!
  8. Okay thank you very much, I will give this a try and see how it works. Ill let you know how it goes!
  9. I appreciate you replying, but I have tried that also, but besides downloading we do a lot of streaming which seems to get hindered when I connect all the devices to the netduma. I spent a lot of money on it and really want to rely on it without using another router. Any suggestions with in the mics. settings?
  10. Hello netduma community, So I'm trying to trust the netduma to use it without another router, but I have multiple devices, 15+ in my household and my family complained that the internet was really slow. I saw in congestion control that with all those devices it splits the bandwidth to about 5% to each device which isn't a lot at all. Am I to understand that's how it splits the bandwidth, gives each device about 3-4 mbs each? And there were a lot of connection drops. Does anybody have any suggestions to rectify this?
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