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  1. i might sound stupid but i don't know how to change it
  2. the problem is solved I buy another one and it works perfectly well I hope lol
  3. ok i will try its waiting to keep you updated thank you for your time
  4. I'm going to try to power it on nothing no led lights up the one done since yesterday that it was off it looked dead to me
  5. thank you for your quick answer i will do that. By the way there is nothing to do on the wan side of the fixed ip or something else and on the lan side enter the identifiers in the console?
  6. the router has 3 days it only happened once I was so disappointed that I switched to the xr500 lol more seriously I would test tomorrow if it decides to turn back on in any case for new equipment it is abused made more than quality control at the assembly finally this is only my opinion
  7. yes it happens suddenly with a noise like a pff no led I unplug everything afteris the router running hot all the time
  8. hello I would like to configure my xr500 on converter I explain there is my internet after there is the converter after I have a switch tp link sg105 so my question is the following: someone could give me the procedure to follow for that all this little world works together wan side lan side then the parameters for xbox one and for pc here thank you.
  9. I was playing yesterday and suddenly I heard a poof the router is off no more way to do whatever I unplugged then plugged in again the same it was hot I have to make a return for repair or exchange
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