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  1. dont know how its set up to forwards traffic to the r1 , when my isp router died i got a new one and just plugged it in to the set up and it worked. yes with the powerlines i get full speed through the isp router and as far as i remember using the r1 its always been 15mbs , i just thought it was down to the ps4 . and the black screen lasts for about 2 secs as if the game has decided that my connection isnt good enough and it cant matchmake me with the lobby so i get a black screen and then returned back to match making , as soon as i undid everything i had done this problem went away. sorry for the delay in posting iv been working and i forgot about this.
  2. after unplugging and resting the r1 all problems were sorted. and as for the speed it puzzled me that i loose 15mbs just by swapping routers and no im not saying the ps4 speed test is the be all and end all , i just noticed the difference between the 2 routers not only on speed tests but performance aswell as in pictures/msgs over psn seem to load up quicker on my isp router and like i said i swapped them about a few times to rule out (or try to rule out) any false readings and each time on the r1 i loose 15mbs. i know theres possibly something simple like a tick box or something just as retarded that i have missed but as you say its a big drop not only in speed but in performance. now i was told when i connect the ps4 i can just select auto for a lan net work again wether this needs to be tweeked ............ and for the sake of clarity i have to use powerlinks from the ps4 to the r1 due to the house being over 150 years old and built over 4 stories and where bt said "this the where the socket must be" and i swapped out the powerlinks for a fresh set to try and rule out any problems with them and no i will not be calling bt to get the socket moved or another fone line added , it is what it is , and no that isnt your get out that the fone line/socket needs moving as when i moved onto fttc the pc speed test that bt did showed 30mbs. and as i last posted ticking turbo and super turbo mode impacted on destiny 2 as i would enter a pvp lobby search for players launch into the game then get a black screen and be put back into the lobby and search for players again after nearly 10 mins of this i unticked super turbo etc and i havnt had any problems since.
  3. i heard a lot of ppl were having problems with it and the r1 and even going back to the old firmware so i thought ill wait a while , and all the stuff i have recently done in the settings on the r1 i have had to undo as they were causing problems with destiny 2
  4. the top man at netduma spent many many hours trying to connect the r1 to the internet and replace my isp router as it stands the set up is r1 > isp router >bt fttc hub but as soon as the isp router is removed there is no internet. i know the speeds are not reliable etc but i plug the ps4 into the isp router and i get 30mbs dl , then plug the ps4 into the r1 and i get 15mbs dl plug it back into the isp and its back upto 30mbs dl , it seems odd that i loose 15mbs just by swapping routers.
  5. read the post properly please.
  6. done that and nope still the same
  7. nope still 15mbs on the r1 and 30mbs on the plusnet router
  8. very good apart from the fact i dont have duma os , as i stated in my original post.
  9. if i could find where its hidden i would try it
  10. everything runs through the r1 i had to connect them to the plusnet to get an internet connection now the r1 is back up they are connected to the r1 again. when i originally got the r1 the top guy at netduma tried to replace the plusnet router with the r1 but it wouldnt work despite hours of digging (and i mean hours) about in xp and trying everything he could think of.
  11. right i unplugged the r1 and waited about 10 mins then plugged it back in and the r1 home page showed up after a few mins , i know it didnt need it after being unplugged but i rebooted it anyways and everything seems fine now and everything is connecting up again. i ran the ps4 connection speed (i know it may not be that accurate) and im connecting at 15mbs again but connected directly to the plusnet router its 30mbs thats a hell of a drop wether its accurate or not .
  12. just unplugged everything as i tried to open the r1 with the wired desktop and the connection times out i ran the windows trouble shooter and that says local area connection has an invalid ip configuration. and in reply to fraser my set up is r1 > plusnet g95z router > bt fttc hub atm my laptop is connected via wifi to the plusnet router and cable from the ps4 to the plusnet router
  13. just tried to reboot and i cant access the r1
  14. this afternoon i lost wifi now i have lost lan connection , i have swapped out my power links for fresh ones still no lan still no wifi (ps4 wont connect via wifi nor will my tv and laptop) at this time i havnt unplugged the power from the r1 , lights for the ports 1 and 4 were flashing green the lights on the back are green but no internet connection. i still have internet from my isp provided router and since swapping back to that the connection speed down has increased by 15mbps also pictures/msgs seem to be loading a lot quicker since i went back to my isp router im on the last firmware released and not duma os i think the laptop said it has an invalid ip. any advice ?.
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