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  1. im back .................... i got fed up off trying to do it manually as it will take the rest of my life and ill explain why in a moment. i used auto set up and set it for ping and this worked great for a bit until it didnt . i ran the speed test again and upload ping was all over the place 50-80ms from a pretty stable 12-16ms i think it was , and i hadnt touched anything. after some trial and error i decided to reboot the r2 and hurrah that worked ping upload , under load back down to around 12ms again only i found myself having to reboot the r2 on a daily basis to keep a good ping , which cant be right ? . and then that stopped working again and the ping was all over the place , rebooted the r2 , nope the pings still erratic , so i ran auto set up again , still setting it up for ping for gaming and this gave me a different setting to use it was 37 down and 17 for up , it is now set at 76 down and 25 for up. now i guess when it gets a bit dodgy again ill have to reboot the r2 do the speed test and possibly run the auto set up again now if im going to end up doing this every few days theres no way i can sit here doing it manually 10 up on this 10 down on that run the speed test nope no good 10 up and 10 down run the speed test nope etc etc etc etc and there is no way id ever come up with my original figure of 37 down and 17 up. is there a fix / better way / something other to do ?.
  2. i think i have sorted it . i ran the speed test and that told me it was getting 35mbs download speed and 9.2mbs upload speed. so when i found the right place i altered my speed settings as when i originally put them in i wasnt sure of the exact speeds , i noticed that during the tests i have ran today and last night the up and down speeds remained constant. so i altered the speeds from i think it was 40mbs down and 30mbs up to 37mbs down and 11mbs up the upload ping under load has now gone from 40ms at best to as high as 78ms to just under 16ms. hopefully this should improve things.
  3. ill have to sit down tomorrow for that, is there any setting in particular that seems to be a constant on the system like set thing A to this and thing B to this like bleeding edge etc on the r1 ? , id rather find out now its better turn something off or on and then go through the settings rather than have go through it 3 or 4 times . ta fer the replies btw .
  4. auto enabled on download - 82% - 32,8mbs upload - 49% - 14.7mbs bandwidth on the wheel both up and down set at 61 ping upload under load - 57ms atm always on everything else left as is and upload ping now at 64ms always on dl-82% ul-82% -24.6mbs bandwidth still 61 ping ul-58ms i have had both at 100% and ran auto set up a few times and the upload ping still varies from test to test and the game experience stays the same ie poor and frustrating compaired to the r1. bandwidth set at 49 down and 64 up both sliders at 82% 32 down and 24 up always on upload ping 67ms , jitter seems to hover around 27ms and zero packet loss
  5. ping on geo (auto ping i assume you mean that) seems to be pretty steady at 10-13 ms ran the benchmark 3 x times without altering anything and the upload ping (under load) can be anything from 40ms to 75ms , download around 10-15ms idle is 10-12ms , the upload ping seems to be all over the place altering the qos sliders didnt really do anything it still seems to vary wildly from one test to the next
  6. my qos told me 66% down and 7% up and then told me its not a good idea to have the up set at less than 10% ?????? atm im struggling to set mine up i play hc on ww2 so every shot should be a 1 shot kill but im hearing 3 or 4 hit markers before i get a kill unless they havnt turned around and killed me , compaired to the r1 atm the r2 is giving me a worse game experience even if i set it up like the r1 the hit detection seems to be random even part way through a game i can be running around killing everything and be 10 kills for 2 deaths then for no reason just hit markers and i die 6 or 7 times in a row most of the time i dont even get chance to aim let alone fire , i have denied servers only to be still playing on them next game ? , do you need the filter on to block servers ? , maps and even lobbies i used to dominate i am now getting turned inside out and struggling to break even , im sure its just the settings that need a tweak but atm im not enjoying the r2 .
  7. erm spectating mode ? thats on the orig os ? ad im using auto cloud etc and hit the update button once a month just to refresh everything.
  8. i havnt added anyone as A. i dont know how to B.not all my mates play the same games atm. C. not having the geo filter is making cod ww2 impossibly hard to play
  9. ok iv turned the geo filter off and party chat works . so what has changed for this to start happening ?.
  10. wired is shown and when i switch powerlinks over i shutdown the system to try and disrupt any sort of the loop the ps4 may get stuck in as for turning off the geo i havnt tried that as yet.
  11. eh up condiments of the season etc my new problem is that i cant join any psn party chats unless i switch to wifi . im on original duma os and i use powerlinks to connect my ps4 to the duma i have swapped them out for fresh ones and still cannot join , a ps4 connection test shows everything is fine with a type 2 nat as normal i have also ran a duma connection test through my lap top and everything is fine on that. any ideas ?.
  12. they never have needed it before but ill give it a go next week. can you point me to a guide ?. and when i get my arse into gear and update to the duma os (oh joy more techy misery to look forwards to) will this white list carry over or will i have to do it again ?.
  13. im using the original firmware not the duma os
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! what a complete fanny !!!!. when i rebooted my isp router for some reason my laptop decided to connect to my isp router and not the r1 (fyi my set up r1>isp router>fttc hub) now i can open the r1 again (insert banging head against wall emoji) right *coughs and looks sheepish* why are my mates getting booted right out of D2 when they try and join me the same happens if i join them only i get booted out of the game this started last night and as i couldnt access the r1 i couldnt check anything , just as i type this i got beavered from destiny but i noticed a yellow triangle outside of filter range host ping assist set at 0 strict mode is off (unticked) os version 1.03.6g
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