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  1. erm spectating mode ? thats on the orig os ? ad im using auto cloud etc and hit the update button once a month just to refresh everything.
  2. i havnt added anyone as A. i dont know how to B.not all my mates play the same games atm. C. not having the geo filter is making cod ww2 impossibly hard to play
  3. ok iv turned the geo filter off and party chat works . so what has changed for this to start happening ?.
  4. wired is shown and when i switch powerlinks over i shutdown the system to try and disrupt any sort of the loop the ps4 may get stuck in as for turning off the geo i havnt tried that as yet.
  5. eh up condiments of the season etc my new problem is that i cant join any psn party chats unless i switch to wifi . im on original duma os and i use powerlinks to connect my ps4 to the duma i have swapped them out for fresh ones and still cannot join , a ps4 connection test shows everything is fine with a type 2 nat as normal i have also ran a duma connection test through my lap top and everything is fine on that. any ideas ?.
  6. they never have needed it before but ill give it a go next week. can you point me to a guide ?. and when i get my arse into gear and update to the duma os (oh joy more techy misery to look forwards to) will this white list carry over or will i have to do it again ?.
  7. im using the original firmware not the duma os
  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! what a complete fanny !!!!. when i rebooted my isp router for some reason my laptop decided to connect to my isp router and not the r1 (fyi my set up r1>isp router>fttc hub) now i can open the r1 again (insert banging head against wall emoji) right *coughs and looks sheepish* why are my mates getting booted right out of D2 when they try and join me the same happens if i join them only i get booted out of the game this started last night and as i couldnt access the r1 i couldnt check anything , just as i type this i got beavered from destiny but i noticed a yellow triangle outside of filter range host ping assist set at 0 strict mode is off (unticked) os version 1.03.6g
  9. ipv4 - sub - default - this was done via my laptop over wifi as thats the system i use to check the r1 , when the D2 shadowkeep dlc was released i kept getting booted from the game after checking the duma i realised for some reason the ping assist was blocking a server as soon as i increased the pa from 0 to 135 i had no further problems with getting booted , now on d2 im getting beaver errors , as i said all this started after i had to unplug my isp router.
  10. no idea what ip number i have been given thats the msg i get when i try to open the r1 screen , like i said this has only started after i had to unplug my isp router , i havnt changed anything i just unplugged both routers and plugged them back in.
  11. erm how can i go into it and change something when i cant load the page ?. and i dont remember seeing anything called R-app , strict mode was off , the rooter has been unplugged for an hour this problem only started after my isp router went wonkey and i had to unplug that for a bit. the address i use to connect is , just tried again and it says :- This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Search Google for geopanel ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
  12. my isp router went down so i had to unplug it fer a bit , now since then when i try to open the duma settings page i get this page took to long to open msg , not only that when my mates tried to join me on destiny 2 they got booted out of the game and if i joined them i get booted out of the game . any ideas ?.
  13. dont know how its set up to forwards traffic to the r1 , when my isp router died i got a new one and just plugged it in to the set up and it worked. yes with the powerlines i get full speed through the isp router and as far as i remember using the r1 its always been 15mbs , i just thought it was down to the ps4 . and the black screen lasts for about 2 secs as if the game has decided that my connection isnt good enough and it cant matchmake me with the lobby so i get a black screen and then returned back to match making , as soon as i undid everything i had done this problem went away. sorry for the delay in posting iv been working and i forgot about this.
  14. after unplugging and resting the r1 all problems were sorted. and as for the speed it puzzled me that i loose 15mbs just by swapping routers and no im not saying the ps4 speed test is the be all and end all , i just noticed the difference between the 2 routers not only on speed tests but performance aswell as in pictures/msgs over psn seem to load up quicker on my isp router and like i said i swapped them about a few times to rule out (or try to rule out) any false readings and each time on the r1 i loose 15mbs. i know theres possibly something simple like a tick box or something just as retarded that i have missed but as you say its a big drop not only in speed but in performance. now i was told when i connect the ps4 i can just select auto for a lan net work again wether this needs to be tweeked ............ and for the sake of clarity i have to use powerlinks from the ps4 to the r1 due to the house being over 150 years old and built over 4 stories and where bt said "this the where the socket must be" and i swapped out the powerlinks for a fresh set to try and rule out any problems with them and no i will not be calling bt to get the socket moved or another fone line added , it is what it is , and no that isnt your get out that the fone line/socket needs moving as when i moved onto fttc the pc speed test that bt did showed 30mbs. and as i last posted ticking turbo and super turbo mode impacted on destiny 2 as i would enter a pvp lobby search for players launch into the game then get a black screen and be put back into the lobby and search for players again after nearly 10 mins of this i unticked super turbo etc and i havnt had any problems since.
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