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Looking for a gaming monitor

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I still have this but bought a 4KHDR TV last week. The problem with the Asus is 60 hz, freesync doesn't work with the One X and it's controls are a bit wonky. It also doesn't always come right out of sleep mode. Great monitor but to have HDR it's hard to find in an affordable monitor right now.

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Mixed reviews? Honestly, 28" is a perfect size. I'm not used to playing on a big screen but the 49" TCL I just bought is surprisingly good and easy on the eyes. The size worried me but I'm a believer now.




I'll still use my monitor when the time is right, but a 4K Smart TV for this price was a no brainer. It hot really good ratings for video gaming as well.

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It's not 1440p (I'd imagine that since you're open to suggestions, that res isn't vital on XB1X), but I'm using the Asus VG248QE on PS4 as I plan to build a PC at some point. It's 144Hz (I'm sure it'll work fine at 120Hz as it does at 60Hz) and has lower input lag even at 60Hz than most monitors aimed at console users, so you do get an added benefit over 60Hz monitors...


Signal delay:

60Hz - 1.6ms

144Hz - 0.7ms


Response time:

60Hz - 2.3ms

144Hz - 1.6ms


Total display lag:

60Hz - 3.9ms

144Hz - 2.3ms


As you can see, in terms of performance that you may or may not care about if you play FPS or sports games that demand responsiveness, it blows 60Hz monitors out of the water even at 60Hz. Its total lag is like a third of even the best 60Hz monitors' input lag alone, where they average around 10ms before response time.


It's also regarded as a bargain 144Hz monitor from what I can tell, and of course that covers the 120Hz you could see in games on XB1X. Since you'll never be able to pick both 4K res and 120Hz/120fps due to limitations with the XB1X HDMI port, you're better off taking performance (refresh rate and higher frame rate) over higher res. That's just my opinion though. You may care more about graphics :)

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Sorry to jump in on another post but I am looking for a monitor for the one x. Nothing bigger that 27 to 28 inches. I was looking for a 1440p,120hz, hdr, freesync monitor. These parameters were suggested to me but I am open to suggestions. Thanks.

Benq are 1 of the top makers and are used in major esport events! I have a benq XL2720z but it is not 1440p but 1080p  144hz. You can't go wrong with a benq!

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