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  1. i have not kept up to date here last i cheked it was deleyed the person said for couple of week well i think its almost 2 months since than, i cant see no new update section can someone please inform mew were are we at right now ?
  2. Hi i been away from the forum for a while i just came back to see if there was any new news and im getting confused is their a new update? I have netduma r1 im seeing these new versions so i dont no whats going on can someone fill me in if i should update my router ?
  3. I was told to put 101 but when i do that i have no connection but if i disable vlan tag my intert works
  4. I have bt openreach modem with r1 connected to it and i did ip location check and it shows my ip in Scotland and i live in uk London . What should i do to fix this ?
  5. Hi i know this isnt really netduma related but i need some advice on a good monitor for my ps4. I wanted to buy benq rl2455hm but i cant find no online selling it in uk because its a bit old. Does anyone know any better alternative for sale ?
  6. I found details on my cabinet says it is huawei.So should i get the modem you recommended for huawei ? Is that good for gaming any other modems you can recommended ? Thnks
  7. Ill try my best looking at page looks a bit complicated .Also the modems u recommended none hve puma issues ?
  8. Okay thanks. How do i find out cabinet mine uses , ithink its eci cab that one looks familiar .
  9. Thanks for the reply, im joining a company called zen Internet on thiet fibr not sure what they use
  10. Hello i have been reading through the forums but this topic i found was more America provider . I am looking for a modem which has no puma 6 issues that is combatible with fibre connection like what BT, SKY use. Any information will be appreciated
  11. Can someone please tell me best modem for fibre which has no puma 6 issues
  12. With the proce increase from virgin i can finaally leave this awful service. Plusnet looks promising but can anyone here tell me how plusnet is for gaming compared to the other uk providers ? Also do they let you use ur own modem ? Please reply
  13. I am one of the very early adopters of the netduma and when it was first starting we use to get regualar updates on the router and was prmoised much more, its been like 2 years or so since a update whats going on ? I hardly use the features avalible since for me i dont feel ot really makes a diffrence and with no news on updates etc maybe its time i leave the netduma and find something else
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