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when does the new update come out


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for any product launch, growing buzz there is something called traction  and having a short release cycle is part of having a very strong traction.


it is better to release minor updates (and changes) as often as possible and the major ones once every 6 month.

this keep people interested and attracted to the product..those minor changes can be UI related or basic feature related.

major one are like the anti jitter algorithme etc.. 


keeping and growing on the traction is vital for any startup and get you a wider and wider potential user base.

=> more potential investor

=> more money for R&D

=> more release :)

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We have been testing it for over a week. Serious bugs keep cropping up that postpone it. Once we are happy with testing it will be released. 


We could do minor updates often, but our team is small at the moment. So we are tackling all of the major issues first before we get back to user preferences. The downside of the major updates (other than R&D time) is they can crash your router so they need to be tested thoroughly. 

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