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Netduma review

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so like zombitroid i have had the netduma for a few months. I'm sure some of you guys are getting paid for your reviews! 


The important thing is does it work? (my findings)


the simple answer is no. I have it set to cover the UK(excluding Ireland) with a tiny bit of France and Germany. no P2P lobbies and seems there is no UK server(if there is i haven't seen one!)don't see the point in extending the radius, why buy a router that you can choose the region you play in if you don't use it? (yes i have tried) BTW i play COD mainly AW

  • constant booting from one lobby to the next
  • no games found
  • keeps putting me in the same lobby, boots me and then tries the same lobby again and so on
  • keep being thrown into an Irish lobby/server (these are the worst and are pointless staying in them) can i ban an irish server?
  • finding lobbies with only a couple of players and no one joins
  • you want a quick few games? no chance!
  • you spend more time looking at the ping etc than actually playing the game
  • Ping monitor doesn't work that well, stops or disappears
  • Not convinced the Geo filter works, more like it hides the players from the map. they are still there in your lobby but not showing and they are not within the filter (join a game, take off the filter and watch them light up the map!)
  • all of a sudden i cannot find a game, cannot connect to xbl - a simple restart of the netduma (this happens too often)
  • Ping is low, game still plays bad

Actual game play once i'm in a lobby


  • every player is like a god, a good 1-2 seconds in front of me. i don't even get to fire a bullet, just like before the netduma.
  • i get to fire a full clip into someone stood at the end of my gun, they laugh and kill me in 1 bullet
  • The perfect lobby, these do come around and more so than without the netduma, not nearly often enough still.

Ease of setup? 

  • a vast improvement over all other routers i have used

Customer service

  • they reply quick,
  • they will even connect to your computer at a time suitable to you and check your settings

Overall summary


if you dont mind spending an hour a session(3hour session) to find a damn game then spend a lot of time watching a ping monitor work/not work then this router is for you. For £150 its simply not worth it but reading others reviews and game play videos, maybe its just my situation.


I am not slagging of the netduma, i am simply giving my honest review based on my experience. if you think i have settings wrong on my router then give me a shout, i will try anything but i have tried a lot of different settings and read so may wikis so many times

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Sorry to hear your experience as so painful John. Have you tried other CoD's besides AW?


The reason I ask is because some of the early adopters of the router have been experiencing pain trying to play AW.


As an example, you will see the Seattle Dedi, where I have to play AW, is a bonafide shit show to everyone that has experienced it on AW. The Beta was played on the same server and ran like shit for two days until the Friday patch, then things improved.


I say that to just let you know that you are not alone in having problems with AW specifically.


Really comprehensive review though, I just wish you had better results to report.

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I play MW and Bops2 on a 314km geo from Scotland down to south UK missing out Ireland, ping assist on 0 and there is lots of games especially Bops2 on the 360 for me there must be a set up issue somewhere.


Could you post your geo and diagnostics screens for us please.



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Hey John, if you can't find a host for Blops 2 there, something is definitely wrong.


There is a YouTuber from your neck of the woods named Simjc74 that did a very comprehensive set up vid, and I think he had similar gear to you. If you want to check him out and see if this helps, here's his channel.




PS, no. That's not me and I don't have a channel.

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Hi John. First, don't stress about AW. Everyone who doesn't have badass Internet, even with a NETDUMA has issues with that game. It's a complete shit show. End of story. Worse COD ever.


I play BO2 (best COD ever IMO) on 360 as well and since I got NETDUMA, the lag and hit detection issues that haunted me for years, were gone. I set my geo to about 500miles, and PA to about 45 (I'm usually 40 or lower).


I've got my NETDUMA straight into my modem. Got my Netgear router (with 3 ethernets and about 8+ things on wifi going to that), Xbox One, Surface 3 (wifi - to access the UI) and the 360 hooked into the NETDUMA as well. Not going to lie, it took me at least a hour to get things working properly as the Netgear was being a total dick.


Once I got things straightened out, it's been smooth sailing since. Make sure you have all your consoles set to a static IP, on NETDUMA. Check said IP, DNS, etc. on the console(s).


These guys will make sure you're taken care of. Trust me and plenty of others.

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one thing that i can think of on the top of my head about lagging is what are you internet speeds as that may determinate what % your sliders schoudl be set to.


Now what game type are you playing with those no games found?

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