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pc Geo filter


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I'm lucky to have a couple servers available to me that are sub 20 ping, so I have a small radius that covers these two servers.

Occasionally I feel like there's some lag compensation though, so when that happens I force servers around 30-40 ping and that seems to level the playing field.

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Delete device in Geofilter and remove pre-existing settings.

Resync cloud.

Set device as Games Console/Playstation/Xbox in Device Manager.

Go back to Geofilter and add device and select filter manually.

The problem with this is that DPI does not work correctly for Traffic Priortization. Correct me if I am wrong @Netduma Liam @Netduma Jack

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9 minutes ago, ggkthx said:

I'm on the XR500.


That's what happens when I select device type as computer in device manager and select Call of Duty (PC only) in geofilter.





Thanks for that, I think on some routers it can still be filtered so you're doing the right thing no worries!

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16 minutes ago, ggkthx said:

Device type > Computer and Geo-Filter > Call of Duty (PC Only)

Just tested it again and this doesn't do any filtering.

I get connected to servers where my latency is as high as 80-100ms.

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