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  1. Should i keep ipv6 and DMZ on as well? Console gaming, btw
  2. no matter what I do, both settings are winding down to 1% on auto setup. Upload buffer bloat is everywhere
  3. MODERN WARFARE brooooo. I just did firefight tournament and my teammate left midway through game 2. I made it all the way to the finals, solo, just to lose 5-6 😑
  4. My plan is 940 / 35 I can have my ps4 hardwired directly to my cable modem and it still tests at 65 / 6 Its so odd and so damn terrible lol
  5. Recommended downstream power levels are -7 dbmv to +7 dbmv Recommended upstream power levels are 35 dbmv to 49 dbmv (Modem manufacturer, Arris, recommends 45 dbmv to 51 dbmv) I have a necessary splitter that splits to my cable modem and to my tv. Even after that split, my downstream power levels are peaking at 7+ dbmv and my upstream are below manufacturer recommendation. (40 dbmv) I decided to see what the levels looked like after adding an additional splitter and it actually makes my levels more in the median of where I want them. My question is: Should I leave it there, or do you think I'd be prone to having issues?
  6. But my power and SnR levels are all in recommended range. An amplifier would only make my downstream power levels closer to the 7dbmv threshold wouldn't it?
  7. It was because mac cloning was auto enabling. I had to disable Mac cloning, then it let me save mtu
  8. I understand that setting mtu at max without fragmentation is the optimal setting... But could a lower MTU help with ping spikes and packet loss?
  9. Nvm. The mac clone setting was blocking the save.
  10. I cant get the MTU settings to changes. Save network button isn't actually saving the mtu.
  11. Ping in geo filter is usually 30-40ms In game ping is usually 50-60. My upload speeds are 35 every time I test in duma os. But when testing on speedtest.net, dslreports, and a few others, it fluctuates between 5-35
  12. when running duma os speed test, is it testing on any specific server, or just based on bandwidth recieved? When running my tests, my upload speeds always show 35 as intended. After qos is active and I run benchmark I get A+ A+ A+ But when in game I can definitely tell my upload speeds are lacking. I know it's nothing to do with the netduma. Just trying to troubleshoot to find the root cause. I'm definitely losing signal somewhere after my signal transmits through upstream
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