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  1. Setting the pc as a Playstation for geo filter... Is this still the preferred method for setting up pc to geofilter correctly? Or has a better method been discovered?
  2. my gaming pc just came in a few days ago.... how do i properly setup my pc in the geo filter for each of these games? I'm a little confused because when choosing the device, you only get a list of games to pick from if your device is a pc. So when I choose my pc and I see both "Call of Duty and Call of Duty (PC Only)", I don't understand what the difference would be. also do i leave qos traffic prio at default? Thanks in advance
  3. Ok im looking at it now. Lease obtained: 1 day Lease expires: 21 hours 4 minutes
  4. But if it was a dhcp lease issue, wouldn't it only disconnect temporarily, then reassign? This issue im having kick my router offline until I reset it
  5. It's just a modem. And ill check the dhcp after a while. I just factory reset the xr1000. Hoping it helps
  6. I've been using the Netduma R2 for a few months and I just recently upgraded to the XR1000. The issue is that it randomly drops connection multiple times a day. My modem stays online, just the nighthawk goes off. It's an issue because I'm at work all day and if it drops, everyone at home is without internet all day. And it also drops while I'm playing online sometimes. Is this a known issue with a known fix?
  7. I've been using the netduma r2 for a few months. I just ordered the XR1000 and it will be here Thursday. I know the wifi will be much stronger...but.. Is the XR1000 on the same update at the R2 and will it perform just as well hardwired?
  8. I'm still trying to crack it myself. I love battle royale with a passion. And I can't enjoy it
  9. Only the entirety of modern warfare 2019 (warzone and multiplayer). Still applies today. Cold war runs excellent . Warzone is still on Modern Warfare servers and engines. Still lag like crazy there
  10. I'm sad to say.... This issue I've always had on modern warfare and warzone. On ps4 pro On xbox one x And now on the xbox series x
  11. This happens both on wz and mw2019 multiplayer
  12. This issue only occurs in Modern Warfare 2019 and warzone. Every game. So im basically unable to enjoy Warzone because it is still on same servers and engine.. Otherwise.. I have a good experience on any other game. These servers are poor as shit
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