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  1. Hi @Netduma Liam, thought I should share that Microsoft Teams calls(voice and video) get blocked too and I had to manually allow the ID. This is the first time this is happening.
  2. Thanks Liam. i shall allow that server. You may see the screenshots below. Server location stays consistent.
  3. Zoom phone calls(not Zoom video calls) do not work with Geo-Filter enabled. Is there a fix for this besides disabling Geo-Filter or a solution that I am not aware of?
  4. Alright. Moving forward, will there be a fix to stick to PC and use Geo-Filter as the above solution impacts DPI as well.
  5. Just tested it again and this doesn't do any filtering. I get connected to servers where my latency is as high as 80-100ms.
  6. I'm confused. What was I doing correctly? 🤣 Device type > Computer and Geo-Filter > Call of Duty (PC Only) or Device type > Console and Geo-Filter > Manual Filtering
  7. I'm on the XR500. That's what happens when I select device type as computer in device manager and select Call of Duty (PC only) in geofilter.
  8. @Netduma Fraser You mean select Call of Duty (PC only)? It doesn't let me go into filtering mode if I select that. I find that there isn't as much upload/download packets if I change device to computer.
  9. Delete device in Geofilter and remove pre-existing settings. Resync cloud. Set device as Games Console/Playstation/Xbox in Device Manager. Go back to Geofilter and add device and select filter manually. The problem with this is that DPI does not work correctly for Traffic Priortization. Correct me if I am wrong @Netduma Liam @Netduma Jack
  10. It consistently shows the server is located in Europe as per the screenshot.
  11. I have previously reported mislocated servers in the past on the stickied thread but it seems that Geo-Filter still doesn't recognise/register when I set my home location to Singapore. The only workaround is to set my home location in the middle of the ocean with Ping Assist set to 20ms with the radius at a minimum 111KM. There are definitely servers in Singapore as my ingame latency is always 7ms. All other games show up fine on Ping Heatmap except for Call of Duty - CW, MW & Warzone. I am aware that the servers change often but is there going to be a fix to finally have Geo-Filter work as intended for CoD for the servers in Singapore?
  12. can we have the developers add this to traffic prioritization for dumaos classified games instead of having to manually add them already? reason i say that is because checking the box doesn't detect high priority traffic, for me at least. yes i am aware that i can do it manually but it seems that pc uses a different range of ports (50000-60000) the last time i checked apart from 3074 which is a constant. im gaming on a pc and the funny thing is changing my device type to ps4 under device manager makes it detect high priority traffic. so can we please have them added? i mean, cod mw is a triple A game...
  13. Using Google Chrome on my PC. Adblocker is disabled and browser is set to save cookies. Didn't know it doesn't have to be pinpoint accurate but the OCD in me kicked in and just wondering why it wouldn't save. Thanks anyway!
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