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Look at this bug? Kinda like it

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2 hours ago, Netduma Liam said:

I don't appear to be able to view that video I'm afraid, could you provide a screenshot or perhaps describe the bug you're seeing?

It was QoS disabled but packet traffic still running in the background

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16 minutes ago, Netduma Liam said:

How is QoS disabled? From the three-line menu in Congestion Control?

What are you now seeing? Is traffic prioritisation detecting traffic? Feel free to send a screenshot if that's easier.



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Hello, new to the forum...not trying to hijack the thread, but since my question is related to the QOS bandwidth allocation and starting yet another thread seems excessive, please see attached images for reference. I am on an XR1000 running DumaOS

When resetting application distribution on either upload or download , the active load page shows 11 for each slider adding up to 99, but the load page you are NOT on shows 13 per slider, which adds up to 117.

Im not sure if it is causing bufferbloat or if it is just my ISP, but having the UL distribution total at 99 results in one or two 60ms spikes over a 10ms avg on both UL and DL. Conversely, setting the DL total distribution to 99 seems to smooth out both DL and UL bufferbloat tests...

In summary, resetting one total distribution to 99 always resets the other total distribution to 117, but for me, it seems to work better if the DL total distribution is at 99. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!





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Hey@Dc38 , welcome to the forum!

It's always best to make a new topic so we can focus on your issues, should the OP reply it will be harder to support two people in one topic.

Bandwidth Allocation doesn't really eliminate lag however it is set, that's not really it's function so it's unlikely setting it specifically either way will make a difference. The Connection Benchmark tests on the XR routers still need some improvement as well so you can take them with a pinch of salt, just reset whichever you are to use and then leave it at that.

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