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  1. I am still limited to 8 devices for some reason...
  2. I'll try removing the offline devices and let you know the results.
  3. I am going into the settings tab, then accessing LAN setup within the Setup sub menu. I am adding devices off of the "Add" submenu, then clicking apply.
  4. I have been making the changes on a PC, the mobile browser screenshots were just for the sake of convenience.
  5. I have a couple tvs, which I have matched assigned IP's to the reservation list, and a few tablets/phones and thermostats. I'm not sure where to check for randomized MAC addresses.
  6. On a side note, i limited the dhcp pool range between 1.2 and 1.25, and per recommendation assigned reserved IP's beyond that range. I was able to add one more ip reservation for a grand total of 8, but I'm still having issues where any entry past the latest will overwrite the immediate prior entry...
  7. Within the home, it's devices to XR1000, to bridge ONT, straight to the utility pole and beyond. As far as external ISP based devices, I do not know.
  8. On an average day it's 840/920 down and up, using the connection bench with congestion control with anything above 65% each gives me consistently high ping spikes, jitter, and bufferbloat averaging 40ms. The bench scores from these configs will usually be A+ A+ B. Using the bench while congestion is set to 20% each results in the most stable benchmark for me; 10ms average with the outlier spike ranging from anywhere between 40ms to 100ms. These benches will result in A+ A+ A+. Anything below 60% congestion sliders will result in A+ across the board, but the bufferbloat graph will have spikes that look like wifi pulses for idle, upload, and download. Also, the results above are with "shared excess bandwidth" all disabled, as the sharing seemed to consistently result in higher ping. Any idea what would cause the bufferbloat graph to pulse like that? The top image is sliders at 100%, B bufferbloat. The images below are, respectively: sliders at 65%, and sliders at 20%. The bottom most image is 65% with shared excess enabled.
  9. Hi Liam, I'll give that a shot. As far as the QOS setup goes, the image of the settings has given me the most stable tests, but there are still substantial lag spikes in game when the devices connect.
  10. Hi all, When trying to set IP reserves on my LAN on an XR1000 running firmware, any device entry over #7 wipes and replaces the current #7. Is the reserved IP table limited to 7 entries? Furthermore, I have 13 devices that connect intermittently when in use throughout the day, but they seem to be causing lagspikes in games for other devices that are currently connected, which is why I am trying to reserve IP's to avoid the random assignment per session per device. Would appreciate any assistance, especially with diagnosing the ping spikes that seem to happen when the other devices connect.
  11. Hello, new to the forum...not trying to hijack the thread, but since my question is related to the QOS bandwidth allocation and starting yet another thread seems excessive, please see attached images for reference. I am on an XR1000 running DumaOS When resetting application distribution on either upload or download , the active load page shows 11 for each slider adding up to 99, but the load page you are NOT on shows 13 per slider, which adds up to 117. Im not sure if it is causing bufferbloat or if it is just my ISP, but having the UL distribution total at 99 results in one or two 60ms spikes over a 10ms avg on both UL and DL. Conversely, setting the DL total distribution to 99 seems to smooth out both DL and UL bufferbloat tests... In summary, resetting one total distribution to 99 always resets the other total distribution to 117, but for me, it seems to work better if the DL total distribution is at 99. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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