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  1. Tbh ps5 encrypts packets differently and I don’t think port ranges r gunna cut it anymore tbh. id try games console service if I were u, don’t port forward or dmz use buffer to very slightly hinder connection
  2. I wish the upper devs could give more insight other companies r starting to catch on and just implement newer features for any nerds duma still using codel for the past decade
  3. Very true! Pull through duma ; give the nerds some love😂😂😂
  4. I messaged NG while they were doing the live stream today on YT. I asked them ab future QoS algos with the xr1000. They actually said, it’s up to Duma team. If they can push out optional QoS algos for people to beta test then they can implement it if they wanted to! NG are on board with duma trying things w the xr1000! Apply to wan was good step wether you use it or not ; it shows duma at least is trying to upgrade. can this be done duma? I know @Newfie is pushing for this as well! thoughts anyone?
  5. The plotter is stable on 700mbps and 500mbps. however the higher mbps fees off game wise. Does that make sense? I’m trying to fine tune
  6. Yea my ping is stable but I feel more can be done in regards to UL and DL latency?
  7. How can I optimize my DL and UL latency? ping plotter won’t tell me that, it only shows ping under load.... the CB isn’t fully accurate either... any solutions?
  8. Fraser, what kind of packet acceleration does the xr1000 have?
  9. Imo never throttle download but throttle upload to 60-67%
  10. When I had it enabled, it caused disconnects and it was super spotty
  11. TV fixed, it was a bad Ethernet cable. Reboot from GUI, also never fac reset from GUI. It’s causes a ton of isssues like nothing loading when the FW gets loaded back up.
  12. To add my SONY TV can’t load any apps. It’s hardwired as well. Maybe it’s a bad port issue? .52 and .54 fw
  13. Hello, both .52 and .54 my xr randomly fac reset when I rebooted from my laptop wired. what the??? My outlets are fine as well
  14. Loading is the same. However I am noticing a lot more microdisconnects. Wifi seems fine ; same as wired. Bandwidth allocation I have noticed needs a reset a lot of times to get my actual speeds. traffic prio felt great though.
  15. Yea I think they are still working on that
  16. Relatively high! Not sure exactly! Also, how can I read the connection benchmark. Am I disregarding both speed and ping/jitter test? i am only concerned with the ping under load portion? (Last column) Also when I change the buffer sliders, it will reflect in the ping under load as well right?
  17. It hardly fires, only about 1-1.5. Most of the time is at a 0 most of the time
  18. Is CPU3 in the XR1000 used for packet acceleration?
  19. Hey Fraser. The .54 FW you gave me felt great! Maybe NG cleaned up some of their FW?? anyways, my next question to you would be CPU3. I heard packet acceleration On the NG forums which you said. Any confirmation on this? If it was a thing, how would it work? I see my CPU3 working like 1 to 1.5 to 2 sometimes but most of the time 0
  20. For love of god Fraser 😂😂😂 any sort of time frame for the new fw for the xr1000? The .52 is so meh
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