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XR 1000 weak signal on 5G

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7 hours ago, DJScorp said:

yes I used it and signal on 5g would jump up and down every 5 sec from full bar to one bar.

There are no bars in WiFi Sweetspots, this little app shows throughput in numbers with a line. Can you please install it as it’s a great piece of free software and very handy.

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38 minutes ago, DJScorp said:

bars jump on laptop and my phone . and now 5g wifi start disconnecting and just disappear until I Reboot router then it would return.

I thing it maybe a faulty router.

Contact netgear support, login to mynetgear.com and request a RMA. They will contact you and trouble shoot the router or raise a ticket and talk to support before RMA.

Or you contact the retailer where you purchased it from and see if a replacement is available.

Shame you never tried the free app, it would have been useful so I would do the above.

Just to double check, the 5GHz is set to HT80 and not the 160Ghz bandwidth.

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Guest Killhippie
On 12/3/2020 at 2:38 AM, DJScorp said:

I don't wont any subscriptions its off. Is there anything else   I should  try before I will return this router back

I'm a bit confused, you said you didn't know what armor was, it pops up as soon as you set the router up as a free trial, you have to click the X on it so it wont be activated  and it says remember preferences. You really could not have missed that. This happens on every reset so you would have seen it quite a few times, if you did a proper reset which involves putting a  paper-clip into the pinhole called reset on that back of the router and hold for 30 seconds.

 Netgear will ask you to try certain things like re installing the original firmware and doing a factory reset etc before they replace the router which you will have to pay for if you want to keep hold of yours until the new one arrives, this would be the cost of the router as new held on your card until they receive the old one back and then the hold will be removed, this is so people don't rip them off. If you bought it from Amazon and are within the return window send it back and just keep the XR500 for now maybe.

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16 minutes ago, DJScorp said:

where is the option to select bandwidth

Are you referring to setting your bandwidth speeds? If so that is in the Congestion Control 3 line option menu on the top left of the panel on the QoS page.

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1 hour ago, Numo36 said:

Are we going to get  adblocker on xr1000

This router  has a really really good Wi-Fi

i have r1,r2 xr 500 xr 700 but xr1000 is top Notch

It's entirely up to Netgear to decide on that, it will probably be available in future.

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On the 5Ghz channel under the 44 you can see 4333. Edited, looks like this is HT160

could you also take a screen shot when you open that for us so we can see what options it allows. Reading the manual that is the default setting you have it on, you should see a 4800 setting when you click that menu and that will be the 160Mhz which you do not want. 

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Under advances settings for WiFi  is there no HT bandwidth settings. If you could post another pic that would be great.

on the drop down could you please try 2165 as that should be 80HT. Don’t forget to apply setting. The WiFi will reboot.

433 is HT20, 1000 is HT40, 2165 is HT80 and 4330 is HT160, @Netduma Fraser can you confirm this please.

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7 minutes ago, DJScorp said:

Its working great right now when I change it to 2165 

Thank You for your help.

That’s great. They need to add the HT or a better description as mode means nothing by its self. 
AX should work fine now if you need it for any WiFi 6 devices. That option is under advance settings in your last picture.

HT160 offers more bandwidth but not many devices support it and it causes no end of issues. You should have nice and stable WiFi now 👍

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