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  1. where is that screen so i can check it out:)
  2. I tried doing a few static ips for each mac address but gave up for now its just not user friendly. it wasnt able to pickup the mac address device name for the chromebook so hopefully i got the right mac address (blank names then gave it a blank name of unknown1) a. after adding 5 devices the router crashed and i had to power cycle b. went back in added 3 devices, it crashed but recovered and i added a few items c. its super slow (takes 1-2 minutes to add then apply) each pc d. suggestion: allow to select 10+ devices at the same time to set static ips then apply instead of having to add 5-10 devices > then apply (since if it crashes its a frustrating experience) under lan setup you often end up with these errors and may need to power cycle
  3. this happened again (reset and beta firmware) with the chromebook when connecting to zoom a. internet would work b. dhcp would fail we upgraded to the new milestone non-beta firmware last night and it fixed the dhcp errors for internet but did not have a zoom class for the kid to test. hopefully its fixed but if not i will have to troubleshoot further.
  4. ya sorry was frustrated earlier. i think it was a 1 time dhcp issue on each device after the firmware update. i dont really want to spend hours configuring everything each time if it requires a firmware reset. id rather not setup complex static rules if it blows away and requires u to memorize all the static ip settings but i may just do it generically so they dont fail.
  5. honestly dont build features from 2020 if your asking us to dumb down routers to 2010 with disabling smart connect. fix smart connect in your firmware instead. the devices shouldnt be ping ponging between 2.4/5.2ghz. they are not so i dont think this is related. its not smart connect though, its something with dhcp failing after resetting the firmware after the beta update. once i forgot the network on each device, powercycled the router then reconfigured each device it was fine. that is a major pita along with a firmware reset everytime to update router firmware. i am hestiant to enable mu-mimo since my ping rate dropped 40ms... i can and see if it creeps back up poorly in games. mu-mimo is disabled by default by your firmware, if its a best practice maybe have it enabled? if not, there are articles around here telling you to keep it disabled? i think the items above are largely related to the firmware update. once everything was reset its fine but having to reset / forget each network on 15+ devices is silly.
  6. i was going to send logs... the email server setting was burried under content filtering, which is a feature i do not want to configure. possibly allow "download zip" so we can dm staff on forums the zip or send in email
  7. is working from another pc at least after a second reboot. the 2nd long power cycle (30 seconds unplugged) did the trick. tvs are reconnected as well. yarg.
  8. changes from stock a. qos is enabled, up/down set to 60% b. smart connect is enabled (same 2.4/5ghz ssids), last time i checked. however the nighthawk mobile displayed disabled, so i am enabling it now and rebooting. after reboot and clearing cache, still stuck cannot access interface yarg
  9. XR1000-V1.0.0.47_1.0.43 On our laptops and phones we each had to forget the network and re-add. For the tvs and chromebook we have done this but it keeps dropping or on some devices will no longer connect. a. I keep getting "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Rapp" on various screens in chrome but not edge. b. i cant get in past this page... will try again later . one device had a "dhcp error" but it disappeared too quickly
  10. My benchmark looks idnetical to the one posted here. by chance is there a bug where it ignores the caps you set in qos? a. my isp rating: 480/20... potentially it can push higher by test tools which leads to bloat b. i have qos set to 400/18 (and 60% upload/download settings) c. the test benchmark still tries to push over 400MBS and about 22-25mbs. I find it odd that several of those who post these have a near identical chart with an upload spike. (edit: model xr1000)
  11. The interface is much more responsive after the update + reset. The timeouts I had from update only have disapeared. I did find that EDGE was a bit better than Chrome after the reset in terms of responding.
  12. Still pending a reset after firmware upgrade. Each screen looks like this or "each widget" often for several minutes (can be 30 seconds could be 5 minutes)... cleared cache.. same. Close/relaunch browser... same. with all the errors that popup and spinning I am never certain if setting/changes saved correctly especially on the qos page. I have to admit, if resetting the firmware leads to the same results that will only make me frustrated as a customer 😃
  13. Just want to update. I have had to power cycle my router 3x since 10/5. THIS IS AMAZING. Both tplink and asus ax routers it was 1-5x per DAY. They did not refresh dhcp well with the spectrum modem and would constantly drop.
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