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3.0 beta xr700

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Best to wait till 3.0 pops up that it’s available.

Netgears forum for the gaming routers is not locked, it’s a public forum. If you can’t access that open forum it’s for a reason unless you mean something else and I’ve read your post incorrectly.

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9 minutes ago, Danny80916 said:

@Newfie The post is there on netgear but you can't comment or write anything on it like that thread is locked from other now. I think its because people were attacking netgear and netduma.

Those threads just cause upset to both companies and end users sadly. 

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4 minutes ago, laxx said:

I got the R1 running 3.0 beta with no xbox live party chat, and also the XR700 with no beta.

Mabe i should buy one more router... 🙂


We're looking into the party chat issue, try the original firmware on the R1 as we've had reports that may work.

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